an obligatory apple picking

Friday, October 5

We went to the apple orchard. Because it was September and that's just what you do. Yes, you grab your friend and you load your babies up in the back seat {a small SUV if you can believe that. It was a carseat/baby bonanza back there} and you ride an hour into the country with your arsenal of snacks in small baggies, and designated soundtracks in the CD player for backup. It is an event. A September rite of passage. And the only way I will EVER feel motivated to actually make an apple pie from scratch {and also swear at it} -- but that's another story.

There are a few things that I think our stoic pioneer ancestors would giggle at us about. Camping for example. Or maybe sitting around a campfire just for fun. But traveling an hour just for apple picking, when there are perfectly good piles of them already picked just 5 minutes down the road, would definitely be one of them. But does this stop us? No it does not. Because we're just plain suckers for chubby fingers wrapped around a freshly picked apple. And the way a tractor ride down a dirt road is basically Disneyland for some people.
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