Tuesday, September 11

September 11th is one of those days that will always feel like yesterday no matter how many years have passed. I was in middle school at the time, and was waiting in the main hall for my friends as they arrived on the buses. They came pouring out, rushing up to tell me what they had heard on the radio. Some kind of attack. Everyone was speaking very quickly and I couldn't quite grasp what had actually happened. I remember filing into our classrooms and turning on the old TV mounted in the far right corner of the room. We watched the news in silence for probably a whole hour before we were sent home. The same images and videos of the burning buildings over and over again, and reporters trying to maintain their composure. At home it was the same, all of us gathered around the television in our basement, watching the events unfold before our eyes. I think my mom was on the phone. There was the first crash and then the second. And then the fall. Other attacks in D.C. It seemed surreal, far-distant and removed from my tiny family room in northern Utah. Things like this just didn't happen.

And now it's been 11 years. Everett and I spent the time during this morning's breakfast, looking over photos of that day, and reading a few personal memorials. Stepping out into the {suddenly} crisp air early this morning with my family, I felt especially moved and grateful for the freedom and safety that we enjoy in this resilient country. So many lives were lost, so many sacrifices were made and we're blessed enough to be the ones here to remember it. I'll be remembering today.
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