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Tuesday, September 14

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{Sorry for yet another set of outfit pics. I'm sure some of ya are gettin a little sick and tired, eh?}
  • Today I love school. I started working on the first assignment for my color photography class {which I'm so excited about!} and I also learned how to manually calibrate a mac computer screen. woah!
  • Today, I also love my job. I know being a secretary is supposed to be somewhat of a menial task. But I just have the best time answering the phone, scheduling appointments, talking to students and clicking away on my little computer. I'm pretty sure I could do it all day long. Plus it's such a great excuse to wear my favorite pumps
  • Today I love that I got away with tucking a dress into my pants and passing it as a shirt. Turns out Reduce, Reuse, and Recyle can be applied to more than just consumer waste.
  • I love that the second I came to husband's office to pick him up from work today, he kissed me on the cheek and told me how much he loved me because his whole day had just gotten a bajillion times better.
  • I also love that he's so willing to take my outfit pictures. Thanks husband.
  • Today I love that I got my new boots in the mail. And that they were on sale. And that they go all the way up to my knee. And that they have the best little zipper detail on the back. I live for mail like that.
  • Today I love my study of world religions course. And the fact that learning how to meditate is a requirement. I wish that learning how to meditate in Bali was a requirement.
  • Today, I love praying. Well ... I tend to love that most days. But especially today. And especially with husband.
  • Today, I love my super huge mug. And that steamy cup of tea. Fall ... hurry up already! This warm weather is making tea time a little hot and sweaty. bugger.
  • And finally, today I love all my blogger friends {that means you}, who bring inspiration and smiles into my life daily.
Happy Tuesday everyone!


morgan. said...

oh so lovely.

amber lynn said...

and i love this post! haha great outfit too :)

JenLynn said...

Great list.

Alainarae said...

way to find so many things to love in a day:) that inspires me!
I need to know where you got your boots! Are they brown or black...I really am needing knee high brown boots...Are they still on sale? I live on the other side of the country, so if I copy you, know one will know... lol

Sarah Larsen said...

Nope. Not getting sick of it. You are SO good. I need lessons.

Camille said...

I love love love your blog!!! So glad you found me so I could find you!!! xoxo Camille @ nevernaked.blogspot.com

amber said...

and i love this post! haha great outfit too :)

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