this picture was taken before we were in love

Tuesday, September 21

in fact, it was the very first picture we took together. ever.

this was before husband ever twizzled my hair at night without me asking
before I had taught him an appreciation for art and aesthetics and before he had taught me how to cheer my guts out at a football game
before he woke me up in the morning with kisses and a "time to get up my little sleepyhead"
before he discovered that I was really only pretending to like cooking
before we were a "we"
or even considering being a "we"
before we had ever fought. and then made up again. {which is like, the best by the way}
before we ever took dozens and dozens of pictures just like this one with our faces pressed together
before we realized that we are very much the opposite
and that it didn't really matter
before so many things, that have made us who we are right now
so glad that we are a "we"
so glad we're BFFL, lover boy


morgan. said...

uhm, this is really cute.
like super cute.

Dad said...

We're really glad you're a "we" too. Love you guys!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

So so so sweet!

Mariel Torres said...

this post warmed my heart. love it darling!


Sydney said...

all your comments make me so happy :) thanks guys

Unknown said...

Ohh this is lovely!! =)=)

Sarah said...

Awwwww... what a sweet picture!

Maddison said...

Ohh this is lovely!! =)=)

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