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Saturday, September 4

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We're ba-aaack! We've spent the last few days driving and driving and setting up shop here in our favorite collge town. And while I promise not to share yet another post about all my stuff {that I have been sooo soooo happy to see again}, I just wanted to share a couple bits of the new and improved. {excuse the crap shots that are my camera phone} 1. Doesn't look like much from here, but I was pretty proud of that bookshelf when I was done unpacking our books. Actually made our mis-matched collection look somewhat organized. 2. This is less "new and improved" and more, "we'll make it work for now" ... when we made the switch to a two bedroom, we gave up our dining room and inherited a bar, minus the stools. So we sit on fluffy pillows to make up the difference. We call it classy ghetto. 3. I've always wanted to make a wall collage, but never thought I had the right stuff to pull it off. So I recycled some old frames, updated the pictures in some others, threw a little Degas painting in the mix and whallah! Aesthetic touch down. 4. It's not pretty, but it's organized and it's mine allll mine! Two bedroom apartment bonus? TWO. CLOSETS. Can I get an amen!?! 5. Again, nothing fancy. But I sure missed my vintage white jewelry box.

Dorthy got it right man, there's no place like home.


Unknown said...

Fun! Your place looks cute. Where are you guys living?

Sydney said...

Thanks! We're just over at Everett Place... the little townhome looking places behind stonebrook. How bout you guys?

MelissaMichelle said...

I just had to comment because I use your headline saying EVERYDAY with the kids I nanny. Everytime we pull up to the house we all shout "home again home again jiggity jig!"

p.s. your place is awesome. so homey yet modern:)

Sydney said...

thanks!! haha that's so funny!! - it's such a funny little saying. I didn't know you nannied! Nice gig huh? :)

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