he calls them "my grapes"

Sunday, September 12

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This is what I wore to church today. As you can see I'm having a hard time getting over my affair with blue checkers this week. {Though, I will have you know there are two different shirts.} I'm also experimenting with different ways to tie a belt, color mixing {notice the navy blue, violet, black and brown ... riskaaay} and wearing what husband calls, "my grapes". Appropriate title, no?
3 things: 
1. We live in apartment number one. 1 out of 4 ... and our neighbors are all the best.
2. Our door looks naked. So I'm thinking of getting this to hang on it. Pretty right?
3. We took an afternoon nap today with our bedroom window open, letting the warm breeze in and the sun drench light all over our bed. Goodness sakes, it was great.


Nubiasnonsense said...

Oo wow they really do look like grapes! So pretty

morgan. said...

oh, thanks for the comment.

i adore your style: it's ridiculously precious.

Norwegiantage said...

hey ill do it right away, but im still kinda of confused what mmb be is? i probably should know though haha

amber lynn said...

i think the wreath would be a nice touch, good choice! and i love the "grapes"! haha

Shawntae @ alittlekingandi said...

Hey! I love Nikki!! She is such a sweet girl.

Thanks for coming over to my blog and visiting. I can't believe I havent seen your blog before. I love it! I can't wait to read more. :)

P.S that outfit is to die for. You are gorgeous!

Sarah Larsen said...

I'm loving your outfit posts! You are SO good. I love everything about this one, and all your gingham shirts. :)

P.S. my toe nail polish is actually a matte teal. It looks gray in that picture though and it would be much

amber said...

i think the wreath would be a nice touch, good choice! and i love the "grapes"! haha

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