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Sunday, September 5

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The other day I was introduced to a group of people in this way: "Hey everyone! This is Sydney. She's one of those people who loves her husband. Like loves loves." Isn't that funny? That was my introduction. Not: "This is Sydney, she's from North Carolina" or "This is Sydney, she lives just down the street", but "This is Sydney. She loves her husband." Like it was some kind of phenomenon. Weird huh?
But in a way I'm glad that was my introduction. Glad people can tell. Cause boy I do love this guy. Bunches and bunches. I love him when he sees a particular shirt or dress somwhere and he leans over and tells me "You would look beautiful in that with your blue eyes" or when he winks at me and says "You're my girl". I love him when he pulls my hair to the side and gives me a peck on the crook of my neck while I'm cooking dinner. I love him when we steal kisses on isle 12 of the grocery store and when we slide into bed at the end of the day and cuddle and realize just how much we look forward to that everyday.

In a world where loving your husband merits an introduction, I'm sure glad I've got this guy.
He makes the lovin easy.


Margie and Andrew said...

Sydney!! I am so glad that you LOVE your husband! I LOVE mine too! It was so sad when I went to Girl's Camp after two weeks of being married to Andrew and I was talking to some of the ladies about how much I MISSED my husband! in which the responded...Oh I love coming to Girl's Camp to get away from my husband! It is a vacation! That was sad to me! I can't stand being away from Andrew!! We got stuff in common girl!!!

Mariel Torres said...

Love is the best, isn't it? btw, your pictures are absolutely sweet darling :)


dcp963 said...

I for one am glad you love your the pic in the lower right hand corner! you are so darn cute!!

Anonymous said...

I love your Husband too!

Leah said...

What a great compliment to you! So great to be married AND stay in love!

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