Husbands Birthday: Part II

Saturday, August 21

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OKAY. So my determination to par-tay came back to bite me in the butt today. My itinerary for the birthday boy was as follows: hair cut in the morning, massage at 11:00, drive to Shenendoah in the afternoon and spend the rest of the day and evening exploring the Loray Caverns and whackin' balls together on the golf course. Not a bad 25th right? right. {I feel a slight need to validate my plan here as something that was awesome and well thought out, because as it so happens nothing on that list actually went down}
Husband woke up this morning with a giant bug bite right on his tucas. What kind of bug, you ask?
The responsibility bug. Yes, I'm here to confirm your worst fears. It does, indeed exist. So he woke up this morning with the ridiculous notion {cause all forms of responsibility on your birthday are ridiculous} that we needed to get the car oiled up and purty-like for our drive back to school this next friday. He also threw it out there that, maybe he didn't really want to have random peeps rubbing down his muscles all by himself and that maybe he was a little tired today and so maybe he didn't really feel like exploring caverns and golfing in the hot sun. Well, awesome then. There goes my "wife of the year" nomination.
Believe you, me -- I put up a real good fight, insisting that my plans would make for a significantly more memorable 25th ... but he won. Cause he is afterall, the birthday boy. So we stayed in town. And we got the car taken care of. And we went to Best Buy to pick up a few accessories for his new birthday laptop. And we went to see "Eat. Pray. Love."which was decided upon with much less input from me than you might think. {p.s. it was fantastic}. And we went and booked a couples massage for the evening, {which again, was fantastic} and finished the evening off at home with the fam, making scruptious baklava {which divine goodness will be posted about later}

Overall, while it was not the big celebration sensation I had originally planned ... it was still a stupendous day with just me and my boy. Who is 25 years old officially tomorrow. And who I love so very much that sometimes it makes my heart just want to pop right out of my chest.

Happy 25th birthday lover boy.


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