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Saturday, August 28

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good-bye warm weather
good-bye humidity
good-bye big city
good-ridance traffic
good-bye boys
good-bye cold basement
good-bye best friends
good-bye no cable
good-bye favorite BBQ joint
good-bye day trips
good-bye short sleeves
and sunglasses
and lemonade
good-bye days by the pool
and the exciting bustling metro
and the infinite number of things to do and see and experience
good-bye DC

hello driving.

hello 60 degree fall weather. that was fast.
hello wonderful, bright, beautiful windowed apartment
hello stuff
hello classes
and teachers
and homework
hello fellow secretaries. I now have seniority over you all.
muah ha ha ha.
hello yellowstone
hello camping
hello milking-everything-we-possibly-can-out-of-our-last-year-at-beloved-college
hello hot chocolate. {er, we never actually parted did we}
hello by-ourselves
hello friends!
hello concerts
and dances
and $3 movie theater

hello Rexburg.
we've missed you.


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