date night at the drive-in

Saturday, July 10

last night was date night.
{cue the hallelujah chorus}

so we decided that instead of the typical dinner and a movie we usually resort to on Friday nights,
we would really spice things up and do dinner and a movie
...dun da dahhh! IN A CAR!
we know. we really outdid ourselves on this one.
I managed to get off work a smidge early, so I went to the store, picked up a cooler and packed it full of treats. Blackberries, Strawberries, Dark Chocolate Bars, a six pack of San Pellegrino and some peppered jerky. yum!

After an hour's drive we made it to the drive in {we got there extra early so we could get the best spot on the lot}... where it promptly started to rain.
We were bummed. BIG TIME.
But we made the best of it and entertained ourselves for an hour by eating our weight in blackberries and lip-syching to the oldies on the drive-in radio with our SP bottles.
I was kind of a master at it.

The rain never really ended up stopping the whole night.
But it was alright.
We enjoyed our double-header movies with the wipers going and our AC blasting 'cause the windows kept steaming up from the rain-induced humidity{or maybe it was our old school make-out ... we couldn't tell}

Either way, we had a jolly good time.
Just us two besties.
And we're already planning our return at least twice more before summer's over.
But only when the weather decides to be a little more sunny.

{P.S. don't see knight and day. It's kinda dumb.}


n.davis said...

you guys are adorable. and yuuuuuummmmmm to san pellegrino! i love that stuff!

Britni said...

Can I ask where the drive-in is? We've been looking for one this summer in the DC area and just can't find a good one. This one (other than the rain) sounds great!

Sydney said...

Yea sure! Here's the link to the drive - ins website....that way you cab look up the movies that are coming up!
Have fun you guys! It really was an awesome place :)

Elizabeth said...

yall are SO cute! love this post!

Sarah Larsen said...

I agree. You are so cute. Everything you do is stylish. Even what you eat!

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