chocolate chip cookies

Sunday, July 18

On Friday evening, at approximately midnight, husband and I got the munchies and decided to bake some cookies together.
In the midst of all our floury mess and spatula licking we realized, that {ohmygosh} this was our very first time baking cookies together.
is that lame or what?

lame. lame. lame. lame. lame.

Knowing this probably {officially} makes me a D-list homemaker and domestic goddess.
But I guess I came to terms with that awhile ago.

We made cookies.
And a big mess.
And maybe had a flour fight.
And then realized we weren't so good at making cookies.
So we ate the batter.
And then gave in and baked the cookies anyways.

The end.


Alainarae said...

4 years and we still haven't baked cookies together :( good job!

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