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Wednesday, July 7

{ahh yes. the blurry background. never trust newbies with your DSLR.}
our 4th of july weekend was super hot and super awesome.
my family {minus the two lovebirds -whom we missed terribly} drove up from Carolina for the four day weekend and together we spent the whole time right downtown DC in the thick of all the America-lovin' madness.
It was the craziest traffic I've seen in my life.
So we found ourselves an all-american tourmobile and enjoyed the beautiful city-center and all it's sites without experiencing the otherwise inevitable heat stroke and foot crampage.
life was grand as a non-pedestrian. we highly recommend it.

Our journeying took us to the foot of famous Abe, to the great Vietnam Wall where we found a family name, to the Capitol building, the White House, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Washington Monument, Arlington Cemetery, the Holocaust Museum and the Smithsonian Art Gallery.

rockstars no?

We loved it. And while yes, it was tiring ... it was also facinating. We learned so much during our travelin' and were so grateful to be able to get the all-American experience of the District on the 4th of July.

Not to mention all the delectable, colorful food we gobbled up at some downtown eateries.
{DC dining recommendations anyone? ... I got your back}

hope everyone's holiday weekend was just as hot and awesome!
It's just not the 4th of July without a little sweat running down your back.


chloe said...

hi there! what a beautiful blog and posts :)
i'll be heading to DC soon, would you be so lovely to give me some recommendations on some must-see's and dining recommendations and anything else as well? thank you :)

Sarah Larsen said...

What better place to celebrate the 4th than DC?! You look so dang pretty with red lipstick, and that patriotic striped die for! Where did you find it?

chloe said...

this is kinda a follow up comment, we went we saw and we conquered DC! (by foot)
thank you for your lovely recommendations! we tried Potbelly which I thought was fantastic and we went to the Smithsonian art gallery as well, pretty! :D

Sydney said...

Oh good!! I'm so glad you guys had fun!!

Emme said...

wow, you really look like audrina from the hills in the photo of you and your family by the table!

Anonymous said...

Sydney, you look stunning! I love you fashion style and let me tell you: you have gorgeous hair!

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