Friday, June 4


Hi. I'm Sydney. And this is what I look like with no make-up on.

Now, to YOU this might be no biggie. "Yea yea", you say, "I do that all the time. No make-up, no problem" {yes, I'm talking to you ... Jade, Mom, Kamie, basically all my sisters ... all you with beautiful skin that can go completely bare, no sweat} But for me, I've always been a bit self conscious. You see, I have this thing ... with my cheeks. When I get even just a fraction of a degree too hot, they flush. And I'm not talking about the pretty, lady-like flush of color that spreads lightly across the cheekbone when you get embarrassed, or even that infamous romp-alicious flush you get when you go play adam and eve for a while. Nope... I'm talkin a down-right ugly flush, from the bottom of my jaw to the top of my cheekbones. And it stays there ... like all day... unless I get some AC blowin directly on me ASAP. {And ugh ... sometimes it's hard to find some good AC when you need it during these humid, eastern summers.} So normally, since I was 16, my solution has been to wear make-up....literally everywhere I go. I wear it to the gym, I wear it to the pool, I wear it to the grocery store, even when no one will see me except for the girl at the check-out stand, and sometimes, heaven-forbid ...I even wear it to bed. {no judging. i know it's bad.}
So believe me when I tell you that it's a big deal for me to go without make-up. Cause it is. Which is why I've been so pleased with myself this past week, for getting over my skin insecurities and trying out a little summer experiment on myself: NO-MAKEUP. PERIOD. except for sundays ... and maybe date night...and maybe when meeting people I haven't seen in a really long time. But THAT'S IT. {No other exceptions cheater.}

So, after a whole week of experimentation, I'm happy to report that these past days have been spent completely bronzer {my nemesis} and foundation free ... yes, even at the gym. And the grocery store. And the pool. And especially ... at bedtime. And you know what? ... it feels really good. My skin has honestly not felt this healthy in a long time. And maybe, just maybe, I feel a little bit more confidence too. Like when I see someone staring, and in my mind I'm pretty sure they're thinking "oh my gosh ... look at her face!... poooor girl" I just whip right back with my own internal rebuttal like "hey ... I don't have any make-up on...because I decided to be brave today. And maybe ... i like it that way, punk." {yes, sometimes I call people punks in my head. it works for me.}
So since it's going so well ... aaaaaand since I have awesome rebuttals for people who telepathically send me their evil thoughts ... I guess I'll continue ... allllll summer long. Think I can do it?
Betcha I can.
Betcha I'm gonna rock at it too.

So sorry if you think I'm uber narcissistic now. I've gotta record these thoughts somewhere.
Is it terrible that I feel brave and awesome for something so stupid? Probably.
But hey, sometimes insignificant personal victories can make your day.


A Red Haired Girl said...

I did that last summer when I was working a summer camp for girls. I only wore makeup on Sundays. It was hard at first, but now.... I've been liberated!!! I was even brave enough this week (plus I was sick and didn't feel like making much effort) to go makeup free, wear my glasses, AND not do anything special with my hair but braid it. It makes dressing up on date night and Sundays so much more fun. Aren't we thankful for husbands who make us feel beautiful regardless? I know I am!

Anonymous said...


dcp963 said...

you look beautiful always Syd!! hope to see you thursday!

Unknown said...

You look gorgeous in you no-make-up state. The biggest difference is that you're not smiling in these pics. You're lovely either way.

casey said...

I call it hot face HEH, and I totally admire this post!

Love the blog,

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