Saturday, May 22

This past week spent with my family was perfect.
Our time there was filled with hours and hours at the hotel pool chatting and laughing, cheoreographing synchronized swimming routines, soaking up the sun and perfecting our cannonballs. We ate gigantic late-night Iceberg shakes and stuffed ourselves with pizza and salad at the Brick Oven. We split up and had a girls movie night out while the boys went off to ride Go-Carts. We spent time at the local park and talked as we watched little cousins tip-toe through the rock-lined creek. We took afternoon naps and ate IHOP breakfasts while we talked about absolutely nothing important. Only stuff that made us laugh. We went to a funeral, and shared our most favorite memories of the Grammy we love so much. We admired her beautiful flowers and remembered how they were one of the things in life that made her the most happy.
And then we tooks pictures. Lots of them. We gathered at a local park that we had all gathered nearly 14 years ago and grouped together to say "cheese". We stood in small circles and paired off into two's, talking with cousins, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, moms and dads. We took our shoes off and layed in the grass, made silly faces at the camera and promised each other that the next family reunion wouldn't be nearly so far in the future.

I Could not have asked for a better vacation. Or a better family.
How lucky I am to have you guys.


Lisa said...

I feel the same way about my family. Isn't it wonderful?

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