happy birthday dad-io

Monday, May 24

{first time on ice skates with my dad, circa sometime around 1991}

Dear Dad,
Happy 47th! I just wanted to tell you how much I love you. And how much spending time with you this last week meant to me. You're one of my most favorite people in the world to just sit down and chat with. Thanks for always working so hard to provide for our family and for giving me a hug whenever I needed one and for taking me on my very first date ever, the second I turned 16. Thanks for teaching me how a lady should be treated and for being the standard of "a good man" so I would know how to find the right one for myself oneday. {see? ... i did pretty good} Thanks for teaching me how to ride my bike and for playing "airplane" on your feet with me and my sisters. Thanks for marrying mom {you did good with that one :)} and for loving her our whole lives. Thanks for your advice and for calling just 'cause during the weeks at school. You're the best.

I'm so happy you're my dad!

Hope your birthday was great! XOXO



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