What I'm loving today

Friday, April 23

{This picture has nothing to do with this post, but is rather proof of road-trip boredom from about 6 days ago. Notice the completely empty road and flat plain in the background. I'm basically loving NOT being there today.}

1. Free time. Blessed Free time. To be with family. To go a chick flick matinee with the girls. To spend late evenings chatting it up with brother and sister in-law.
2. Cheese and crackers. And dandelion detox tea.
3. A chubby-cheeked nephew who's growing up way too fast
4. Late nights with husband, eating applesauce in bed and catching up on Glee
5. Morning walks in the park with sister in law, practicing what it'll be like to push a stroller up a hill. {fab work-out folks}
6. A work-from-home job that I can do in my bed {with jammies of course}
7. Sunshine and 75 degree weather. {Thank you, thank you midwest! I owe you my sanity}
8. Books. And time to read them.
9. Having time in the morning to cuddle in bed for a while.
10. My soon-to-be-painted, coral nail polish toes...and sandals... {sandals people!}...sandals to show off those toesies.

Summer break, you are my fave.


Alainarae said...

I'm assuming you've been hanging out with Bryan, Jade, and Ammon! I'm so jealous! Enjoy your summer!

Sarah Larsen said...

Totally jealous of your work at home job. I just painted my toe nails coral!! Love sandal weather!

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