may the peeps be with you

Sunday, April 4

Happy Easter everyone!! We have thoroughly enjoyed our weekend so far.
Last year, we were Easter duds. This year, we are Easter
studs! {give me a sounded good in my head} We had originally planned to get up early, take our doughnuts up to temple hill and watch the sunrise. But when our alarm went off, we took one look outside and decided to stay snuggled in our warm bed for a little longer. {it's still freezing here} Instead we got up a little later, showered and dressed for conference {Husband's idea...TRUST me, I put up a good fight about the whole "let's get ready" concept this morning} warmed up some doughnuts and cinnamon rolls and read the Easter story together. {a sunrise service tradition that my family and I did every Easter growing up}

Husband had gone out to get some Easter treats for us yesterday while I was getting my hair done. {Including my favorite peeps, Dan in Real Life, strawberry fun dips and of course ... chocolate bunnies} Then last night, he hid it all and had me go on a little hunt for them this morning. {I think he was expecting it to be little harder....I'm a gooooood finder folks}

now, we get to listen to general conference {it's one of our favorite times of year}, chow down on peeps and enjoy the last moments of sanity before we hit finals, pack up our house and move allll in one week. {yea....we know}
Hope everyone's Easter is spent with family and goodies!


佳玲佳玲 said...
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Neener Newt said...

hi, i found your blog from the mormon mommy blog page... feel free to stop by my blog... those cinnamon roles look great... are they homemade? and if so do you have a recipe??

Sydney said...

oh I WISH I had been feeling that domestic this weekend...they're store bought. {I'm a cheat}

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