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Wednesday, April 14

Hello. I'm back. {from the longest blogging break EVERRRR}
but just for a bit though....I've got free time to waste {and a little girl who desperately wants to go outside and play with me...only after we tie our hair in bows of course}
Yesterday we did a bit of drivin' around town in Boise {which...considering the 22+ hour journey we have ahead of us, I'm not sure what we were thinking} with our best little cousin Payton. She makes us laugh {and secretly wish for our first babe to be a girl}
1st stop: A visit to the hospital to see munchkin #3 for Tyson's Aunt Kylie.
Welcome to the World little Tytus.

I know this is sappy to say, but baby Tytus was such an angel. All his features were formed perfectly...right down to his littlest fingernail. Watching Tys hold the little guy and pat his bum warmed my heart completely.

After stop #1, we dropped Payt off at the house and went to meet up with the coolest couple on the block, Tyson's cousin Q, Christina and their little baby Madison. {she is a DOLL} We stopped off at this delish Japanese steak house for a little grub and guess what we found on the restaurant wall? A little polaroid of Tys's parents back when they were our age {back when Dave rocked a sweet 'stash.} Pretty rad.

After dinner, we all went over to the mall to walk off the scrumptious-ness that we ate way too much of, and tooled around till dark.
I think it's safe to say that we're MOST definitely enjoying our first week of vacay.


dcp963 said...

I cannot believe you found that pic. That is crazy funny! Actually I think we were a lil older than you guys probably in our 30's. I don't remember having our pic taken but we did love that restaurant!

Jade said...

You guys are so funny, yea I cant believe after all these years that pic is still up on the wall, they need to update. Glad you guys are having fun and thanks for posting pics of baby, he is really cute. Looking forward to seeing you guys!!

Jade said...

that comment right there ^ isnt really me... lol my moms pretending..... anyways i'm so jealous.... i wanna see everybody! give payton kisses for me! i miss that little girl. looks like you guys are having fun!

Sarah Larsen said...

Love your pictures!

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