Wednesday, March 10

Wednesday, March 17

The following couple posts is one GIANT summary of my little trip down to San Fran. I apologize before-hand for the exorbitant amount of pics and little tid-bits about the whole thing. i get to turn this in for a follow-up homework assignment.'s a little bit convenient.
{hi teach!...thanks for being so nice to us bloggers}

Wednesday morning started out reeaaallly early at 5:45. We all met on campus, I kissed my babes bye for the week and we headed off. Nothing superbly significant happened after that:
it all could be summarized by saying that the ride down to Reno was basically the drive of death. {o.k. o.k. so I'm being a little dramatic...but it was kinda long}
10 hours later when we finally arrived, there was a happy little surprise waiting for us.
who knew that such a beautiful museum would be in Reno?
is this room and statue not inspiring??
after that, we checked into our hotel, grabbed a bite to each at a downtown casino {they had giant i was happy} and headed off to hit the hay.

This pic was from a funny little moment: Geri had gone into the bathroom to get ready for bed and when she came out we were both tucked in bed like we were a little old married couple or something. She started laughing, "I'm not sure what I was expecting to see when I got out here...but it wasn't THAT!"
We couldn't help it. That room was freezing all night. We had played rock paper scissors to see who had to share the bed that night. Me and Sam had lost...but I'm glad I did! I was so happy for the extra body heat. Poor Geri ended up shivering all by herself {sorry Ger!}
The next morning was still freezing...but it was a stunner outside.
I just had to pop out there and snap a couple shots before we left.
Isn't the light beautiful?


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