togetha again

Monday, March 22

he's home and we're together for good this time {we decided that we're boycotting all future traveling unless it's done together}
things we did this weekend:
kissed and passed sickies to each other {what were we thinking?}
cuddled and slept
ate biscuits and tea
watched Charlie and {both} cried, thank you.
forced things up our noses {tys tried to convince me that nasal spray would make me feel better, but I hated every second of it}
read stories
took warm showers
acknowledged our pathetic-ness as we both stood in front of the mirror, harmonizing our nose blowing.
slept some more.
and swore to each other that there would be no more kissing for at least a week. {yea...our sickies are making us feel that yucky}

hope your weekend was much healthier!


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