Thursday, March 11

Wednesday, March 17

After haulin the rest of the 5 hours from Reno...we finally got there
I tell you...when I saw that city across the bay: it was love at first sight!
I had no idea the effect that a little sunshine, seeing the ocean and the color green would have on my mood. but it was instant happiness!
as soon as we crossed this giant beautiful bridge into town, we headed straight down to Fisherman's Wharf.
This, my friends, is where I had the best clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl of my entire life. It was bliss.
After that, I found the famous silver man for whom I dropped a couple coins to take a little picture with. I mean, look at him...way too awesome to pass up.
After that delightful bit, the whole group {see below} was given free time around the city to do whatever the heck we wanted. It was a blast. We all crowded on a trolley, held our hands up and giggled as we rolled up and down the giant hills. {we didn't look like tourists or anything though}
We ended up finding our way to H&M {where else?} where the boys ditched us and us girls had a little fun for an hour or two. {i got my very first size 4 dress. it felt womanly and amazing}.
Then we made like tourists and walked eve-ry-where. We were originally on the hunt for some rad little antique shops, but we ended up running out of time before we found em.
So, all in all:
we did a lot of walking
rode on dirty buses
visited the shady side of town
saw some really beautiful buildings
ran into many interesting people
got lost a little bit
and rode on some more dirty buses

it was fun.

in the evening, we managed to get ourselves into town for some dinner: China style.
ohhhh it was good. I got to try some new delicacies that i hadn't had before.
and i have to tell you. it was quite the taste bud adventure.
we talked and ate and froze our butts off for a couple hours {we asked them nicely...but they still wouldn't shut the door....... meanies} until we were done and then warmed our hands with some cups of hibiscus tea in the shop across the street. {a little herbal treat that i ended up bringing home with me. oh baby! it's good}
all in all, it ended up being the most perfect first day in my favorite city ever.
it kind of completed my life that week.


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