ok ok I promise this is going to be the last post about my current, sorry state of affairs

Tuesday, March 23

i just wanted to show you my battle scars.
if i wasn't feeling so crappy, I might feel pretty proud of them right now.

Today, i braved my morning classes...and then came home and slept for 5 hours.
{take that germs} My head still feels like a giant balloon, but at least my nose has stopped it's continual fountain of death. I think I might even try going to work tomorrow.

i'm not usually such tough nuggets about these things.


n.davis said...

you poor girl! seriously, i feel so bad.
get better soon, and lather up your vicks.

Teresa said...

That's right S'wina, you give those germs what for! Grandma swears by Vick's rub on your feet covered in fuzzy socks. That ought to give your marriage a new spring board for romance!

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