is it physically possible to stalk your husband?

Tuesday, March 9

cause I think I'm like a master at it now or something
{this is me taking sneaky pictures of husband doing homework. i must be getting good ... he never even looked up!} maybe i should be a spy. or maybe he's just getting really good at ignoring my new photo obsession of him. yeaaaaa. that's probably it.
dang it!

On a side note. Can I just claim my bragging rights on the hubster for a second?
I have been SO proud of him these last couple months. He's been incredibly dedicated to eating right and working out with P90X nearly every day. And folks

it is paying off!
he gets thinner and stronger by the day. {i can see his abs! ... which suddenly turns me into a giggly school girl. don't care one bit} I can't wait to post his "after" pictures. I keep begging him, but he wants to wait until April. {his 90 day mark}

so. look forward to April people, cause Tyson is comin


dcp963 said...

u so silly!! he looks to me to be just you average run of the mill "hubsters"

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