hello san fran. you look sunny.

Tuesday, March 9

i'm off to the 'city by the bay' to do a little exploring till Sunday.
thank goodness for art department trips to keep me stayin' on the cultured side
can't wait to see:
Japanese tea gardens
lots of fab museums
fisherman's warf
china town
Saturday morning farmer's market
{just imagine the photos!!}
lombard street
and maybe even the famous "full house"
{cause who didn't grow up on that stuff?}
super stoked about the whole thing. not necessarily about the 5:45am departure time, but what can you do.

better hit the hay. {please tell me it is NOT 11:00 already}

oh and take care of husband and tell him lots of nice things because he might get a little lonely all by himself this week. {it's his first time}


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