Happy Weekend!

Friday, March 26

I just had the most marvelous dream last night and it's put me in the BEST mood, despite the fact that spring cleaning is on the "to do" list today. {Thank you dream}

Here's what we're doing this weekend:
-Friends over for dinner
-BBQ in the park on Saturday
-{Like I said} Spring cleaning
-Little DI trip for a little DIY project I've been wanting to try
-Maybe do my hair {FIRST time this week...kind of a big deal}
-Make a VERY large clay button
-Go on a loooong walk
-Eat fruit {this deserves a category all of it's own}
-And not post a-little-too-honest-and-a-little-too-gross posts about our life from this weekend (WHIP ME WITH NOODLES) I promise we are still nice, normal and mostly pleasant people, most of the time. {pinky swear}

Hope everyone's weekend is FAB!


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