Friday, March 12

Wednesday, March 17

Friday morning in Bay City started out with some scrumptious breakfast at a little cafe called La Boulange, just a couple blocks up from our hotel. The place was darling, and completely ideal for another sesh of people watching. {i'm not a stalker. promise}
I ordered quiche lorraine and hot chocolate and was thrilled to pieces when the server brought it out in a red-detailed porcelain cup and saucer. {how can your drink not taste good when served in something so pretty?} The quiche lorraine was fab too. Best I've ever had.
Ok. Another thing i just remembered that i LOVED about this city is this:
that place is one giant free spirit.
Women dressed beautifully, all with their own unique style. Violins were played on street corners, sometimes not even for money. I could even whip out my camera and take pictures of people in fairly close range and they wouldn't think twice about it. {ie. the well dressed man below enjoying his breakfast} I was doing my own thing and they were doing there's.
At first, if I saw something that was a little bit unusual... my reaction was something like "ok. that was...different"
but that only lasted an hour.
After that I felt like "Hey! Whatever people...this is San Francisco. You DO what you want...and I will too and we'll be happy in San Francisco together."
it was nice.
this is me. doing whatever I want... being happy in San Francisco
After breakfast, we took a little jaunt over the the japanese tea gardens.
It was basically raining the entire time... but I had brought my nifty little umbrella so I stayed dry. {mostly} The big Buddha was my fave.
Oh and P.S. This is my "Totoro" picture. {you'll really only know what that is if you're an Adams. sorry folks.}
Oooooohhhh...I squeal I get so excited when I see this picture!! {husband doesn't get it}
Don't you just love her?
I took this on the 9th floor observatory of the De Young Museum. It had amazing views and such stunning light. You don't even want to know how many pics I got up there.
I think I'm gonna blow this little lady up huge and put her in my living room
{and yes. I know that sounds bad out of context}
isn't this one precious?...i couldn't get enough of that little guy.
some of my favorite pieces were:
The blue veil - Edmund Charles Tarb
O in black with a scarf - Robert Henri
Spring - Selden Conner Gile
Walking Mime - Nathan Olivera
Bride, Groom, NY - Arthur Tress
NY Child - Irving Penn
We pretty much all got the munchies after that so we headed over to Andronico's Market
{they had tons of fresh fruit and veggies and yummy gourmet goodies}
where I got a blue cheese steak salad, kettle baked BBQ chips and some pomegranate Honest Tea. It was heaven .
And bonus! My lid even had an awesome quote on it:
"To dare is to loose one's footing momentarily.
Not to dare is to loose oneself"

-Soren Kierkeguard
More on that later...
Even though it was drizzly and a little bit chilly, we took our first stop off at the big daddy:
The Golden Gate. {It really is spectacular up close... the pictures hardly do it justice.}
After staying a while to admire the bridge and cheer on the brave surfers who were weathering the cold just to get a little wave action {dumb heads}, we headed back into town.

This is me. Freezing my butt off. {can you tell?}
Oh and p.s. I'm a little proud of the shot I got with the bird in it. Complete accident.

And finally, this is the bruchetta I ate for dinner that night.
Looks good right?
I wasn't feeling too great that looking at it kinda makes me want to throw up a little right now.
And on that note....I leave you.


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