flowers and cupcakes

Saturday, March 27

Yesterday, after I got home from work I jumped in the shower to get ready for our date night. I thought that Tys was still at school, so I was so surprised when I finished getting ready and came out to find this stunning bouquet waiting for me on the kitchen table...husband no where in sight. {he had come home to drop them off special before leaving to run some more errands...just to surprise me}
We had a rough week with the sickies and this was such a beautiful surprise to start off our date night. Aren't they lovely?

We met up with some friends with the intention of hittin up the bowling alley, but that would have been an hour wait so we decided to head over to The Cocoa Bean to experience a little deliciousness instead. Tys out-ordered me with the zebra frappe {i think this was the first time ever} and so we shared sips and devoured our better-than-whatever cupcake. rich friends. rich. {Thanks for a great night Dave and guys are a hoot!}


best friend:
I'm so glad we got to spend the night together {being mostly healthy} and eat yummy food and hold hands and laugh our heads off.
You are my fave.


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