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Sunday, February 28

10 things that make me terribly happy {by her}Photobucket
{copycating from here and here. great idea nik!}
1. my favorite pair of denim jeans
2. cuddling an extra 5 min after the alarm goes off in the morning
3. going home
4. a huge bowl full of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter
5. having my favorite song come on the radio and shaking my bootay for a little while before school in the morning
6. his skin {it's seriously the softest thing ever and he never uses lotion! don't get it}
7. black/white film and photo albums
8. my wedding rings
9. post-it notes on the refrigerator from him
10. laughing till I cry
{photos found here}

10 things that make me terribly happy {by him}


1.boise state football
2. date nights with the wifey

3.old classic movies and faking british accents

4.coming home to the aroma of dinner {yes! she cooked tonight!}

5.did I mention boise state football?

6.shoe shopping {yes. i'm one of those people}

7. prime rib at Texas Road house
8. new lingerie {syd told me not to put this on here. But I’m a man okay?}

Group game nights {cause I'm da king of catan}

10. Head massages at the Lather Lounge and my new mint shampoo. dude, it's fresh.


dcp963 said...

you are silly kids!

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