hero of the day: nienie

Tuesday, February 9

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.

About life. About what it means to be a ‘good wife’. And about someday being a mom.

I’ve been so inspired lately by one woman in particular who has completely refreshed my perspective on happiness.

Stephanie Nielson is a wonder...her blog is a must read. In my fleeting moments of free time during the past week, I’ve been reading over her daily musings from 2005 up until now: her life as super-mom, now completely transformed by a near-fatal plane accident {burning most of her body} and how she is STILL choosing to find something to be grateful for every day.

P.S. I’ve been taking notes like mad…she has some of the cutest traditions for her little family that…shhhh…I’m totally stealing when we have babies. {like this and this}


Anyways. I’m never going to be able to complain about anything again. EVER.


Valen Hunter said...

I love Nie Nie as well. I didn't find out about her blog till beginning of last year, but i spent days reading her blog from the beginning to get caught up, and I'm amazed at how much she has transformed to the mom who thought she had everything to the mom who REALLY does have everything. She is just amazing.

Sydney said...

i know it! she's stunning.

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