it's her birthday shout hooray!

Saturday, February 20

It's my sister Caytlyn's birthday today - 19 years old!
I can't even believe how fast it's gone. She's turned into such a beautiful young woman and is seriously the most funny and creative and giving girl I've ever met.
{she's going to be the best mom someday}
19 seems to be the magic number for the Adams sisters so far.
{looking forward to seeing that ring sista!}
Can't wait to see where the rest of our lives will take us....
Happy Happy Birthday!!!
{P.S. Wasn't she just the cutest? {still is} These pics are some of faves}


Anonymous said...

Yes... I am commenting on an older post because I wanted to read a little more of your older stuff lol. When I read the title I started singing:

...we want to sing to you today, I year older and wiser too, happy birthday tooo you"

Still the primary in me lol.

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