-It's all right that I'm not making dinner tonight. Because I've cooked three nights in a row. And tonight ...we're having left overs.
-It's all right that I just told someone next to me to stop whistling 'a child's prayer' because I couldn't concentrate {even though I feel really bad about it now ... I mean, what kind of jerk tells someone to stop singing primary songs??}
-It's all right that I wrote something down on my 'to do' list that I had already done, just so I could cross it off and feel super accomplished about it
-It's all right that I took multitasking to a whole new level and wore white-strips to my class tonight {It's a good thing I didn't have to talk ...that lisp would have been a little bit awkward}
-It's all right that I was completely {almost inexcusably} rude to a boy who didn't bother to look at my ring finger.
- It's all right that I didn't use my class time to work on my pot, but finished two other papers instead.
It's all right that I'm addicted to the sweet-tarts that are in my office's candy jar. {I swear I've gained 5 lbs just by working there}
-It's all right that it's only Thursday, but I'm gonna sleep in like it's Saturday tomorrow. {I don't have class till 9 ...yaaaaay!}
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