date night

Saturday, February 27

Last night was date night. Which I was SO happy about.
Last week we didn't get a date night because Tys was working on a project with his group that took 13 hours. He worked all through Friday night while I pouted on the couch and gave death stares to his group members when they weren't looking.
I can be such a baby sometimes.
Last night we went to our favorite hole-in-the-wall Thai food restaurant and renewed our vows with their crab ran-goon, swearing to never abandon it for as long as we had again. Then we ate sweet and sours and rama-thai to our hearts content.
{it was delish. and hey...we get ONE free day a week during this diet thing. so we take full advantage}
After that we hooked up with some pals and saw "Leap Year", which we highly recommend by the way (can't beat a PG chick flick!) and topped the night off with some hot chocolate and cupcakes at the Cocoa Bean.
It was the best. We love Fridays.


Unknown said...

Sounds like an awesome date night. Good for you!

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