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Thursday, February 4

Dear Neighbor who lives above us in #1306,
This might embarrass you a little, BUT I just wanted you to know that I can hear you pee every morning. {I think something is seriously wrong with your water pipes.}
Anyways, I really don't like it. At all. But I did want to say thank you for having a biological clock that's right on time. I never have to take my cell phone into the bathroom while I'm getting ready anymore because you, my friend, are the alarm clock that goes off every morning at 7:00:
letting me know that I only have 15 min to finish up and head out.
Honestly, the whole thing grosses me out. But it's still kinda a little bit helpful.
So. {gag} Thanks.
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n.davis said...

at least all you hear is peeing. i want to go next door and smack our neighbors. they fight and fight and fight. so immature. i go to sleep listening to fighting. i need like a huge huge huge picture of Christ on that wall, so i can go to sleep happy. :D

peeing is still pretty sick. ha.

Ashley Madsen said...

I just found your blog a couple days ago and have been reading through it all.

I first thought, man this girl looks familiar... do I know her? Then I realized that you look exactly like Chelsea Hightower from Dancing with the Stars (as if I know her?)

This post made me laugh for quite awhile because it is the exact same with our upstairs neighbors. SO GROSS! But pretty hilarious. Hey it's better than our last apartment where exactly at 2am we would hear some x-ratedness going on for about 45 min. It was bad.

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