10 things I'm choosing to be grateful for right now to distract me from this #$%@ headache

Thursday, February 11

I’m feeling a bit cranky at the moment. And I’m trying really hard not to be. Maybe this will help.
1. The fabulously silky Tolani scarf my mom got me for my birthday. I can hardly take it off…it’s basically been adopted as the childhood blankie I never had. and yes. sometimes I even sleep in it {don’t worry mom. I don’t choke…you know I sleep like I’m dead or something}
2. My job. Even though I SO didn’t enjoy being there today
3. My go-to pair of Gap slacks that I’ve somehow managed to wear to work every-day this past week. Is that gross? They’re just so fantastically stuffable … since my book bag has managed to gain significant poundage this semester and barely has any room. {Someone forgot to make a new years resolution this year} Plus. If you had to walk outside in 10 degree weather…bet you wouldn’t be wearin a skirt either.
4. The slab of clay that made me feel incredibly accomplished yesterday.
5. Fry-sauce. And the delicious fries that I ate today and didn’t feel guilty about. At all.
6. Pants! And not shaving my legs
7. Tyson: the best anti-headache medicine I’ve ever had.
8. A clean house {not that mine is right now. But I’m sure I’ll be very grateful when I finally get around to it}
9. My warm Alaska socks that are dirty right now and that I’ve been missing terribly since they’ve been away.
10. My fingers. And my toes. And my arms, and legs and tummy…and my entire body that has the ability to cuddle up to my husband tonight and just sleeeeeep


dcp963 said...

heheehe u r so silly syd. love you.

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