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Saturday, January 2


This is Lucy. She's a yorkiepoo {poodle-yorkshire mix} and one of our future family members.

Actually, to be honest, we really don't know what this puppy's name is {we just think the name Lucy is perfect}, but we want a yorkiepoo all of our own so bad.
This week my family watched one of these dogs for some friends of ours and we completely fell in love with it's sweet and cuddly nature. {some have even been known to carry a small blankie around the house when they get tired...die!} I've never seen Husband's heart melt so fast.
So it's set. Next year, when we finally move into a complex, or even better, a house that allows pets, she is first on our list.


Jade said...

ahh i want one too!! thats the cutest thing i've ever seen! maybe i can talk bryan into getting me one instead of having another baby! haha JK super cute though!

RobertaClaire said...

I have a moodle (maltese x poodle), who carries and sucks a blankie around our house. It is gross and torn, but I haven't had the heart to swap it for an exact replica sitting in my closet!

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