my really lame sob story with a happy ending

Tuesday, January 5


Whelp. We're back.

{maybe we'll build a snowman this weekend to make ourselves feel better.}

This morning, after the joyful 12 hour long journey home last night ,
{which included flight delays, damaged luggage, and my cosmetics bag being lost forever after falling out of the damaged side-pouch}
I whipped out my super-sized hooded eskimo coat and rushed off to my early morning classes on two hours of sleep, no make-up {thank goodness for the fluffy face-hiding grace of that hood} and an empty stomach. A real winning combination as you can imagine. With nerves shot, and whatever was left of my brain activity slowing by the second, big time Cranky-Pants ensued.

But then husband called. And he was happy to talk to me. And he had gone grocery shopping. And he had put our luggage away. And he had called the landlord to fix our door. And he said we could replace the make-up. And that we could go to bed super-duper early.
And that he loved me.

Myyyyy hero.

Husband, you're my best friend in the whole entire world!


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