miss this face

Wednesday, January 20

Remember this? and then when I said this?
Whelp. That didn't last long.
Husband's off again. Doing really cool things and going on sweet adventures and stuff without me. This business department-travel stuff ... it's really throwin off my happy-groove. Next year, I'm not sharing.
I didn't used to be this lame, you know. I used to be just fine on my own. I actually thrived on it. Couldn't be happier to spend a quiet evening at home with lil old me. But I'm ruined now!
Stinkin Love. Gets ya every time.

{Only one more night... Hallelujah.}


Anonymous said...

we miss that face too! love you guys

dcp963 said...

i think maybe "anonymous" is Tyson's momma.

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