happy thoughts

Wednesday, January 27

Today, I feel this impressive.
{5 years old...having a "look mom!" moment}

Not that I did anything particularly fantastic today. But I did get to my 7:45 class on time {against all odds}. I did eat a good breakfast and got an A on my morning pop quiz. I did make dinner last night. {which I'm seriously proud of}
And I do actually have a plan for dinner tonight {double whammy!}
I did smile at someone today and make a new friend. I did make a successful pot in ceramics class. I did get my homework done. I did say "I love you" and maybe read my scriptures for more that 10 min. And I did stay positive, even after I slipped in the snow and then asked a dumb question in Geology. {didn't even blush...which is a new thing for me} And I did wear my favorite shoes today {which is not impressive...but does make me happy}

So ... I'm feeling pretty good today.

Cheers to Wednesday!


Unknown said...

What was the question? I'm always afraid of asking stupid questions in classes where I know nothing about the subject.

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