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Sunday, December 13

Whelp... I did it.

Yesterday, after extensive thought, consideration, and some serious husband convincing, I went into the salon and told them to strip me of my dark locks and take me back to my roots. Yep, THOSE roots. The reddish, brownish, kind of 'goldish-but-not-really' roots, {make up your mind ladies} that I've been avoiding for years.
This all being in the name of healthy and {eventually} long locks. That is, if I can stay away from her. {you see, i went to a beauty college to save a little dough. apparently, they're a little scissor happy there} I practically had to threaten my stylist with a VOGUE beating unless she removed her clippers from the back of my neck. {yes, the chopping was that close to happening...husband would have died}

But you know, even though I've been a dark devotee for so long...after watching years and years {and years} worth of dark dye lift out of my hair and run down the drain...I felt slightly liberated, {a little bit naked} but mostly just liberated. So it's all good now. With my locks still intact, and back to their natural and indecisive reddish, brownish and not-really-goldish hue, I look forward to months and months of 'no touch-up' bliss.

and bonus, husband really likes it.


n.davis said...

I freakin LOVE it. You, like i say in EVERY post, are gorgeous! If my hair color was THAT, i'd be in heaven..let me just tell you what's going down with my lovely lady locks, I got way dark hair being pregnant. didn't dye my hair a whole year, due to the little babe growing inside..and now that my hormones are normal is coming in as blonde as can be. I'm not sure what to even do..and since you're the hair guru..you should tell me. haha. what color would look best on me?!?! cause I WANT yours. :D haha

Britni said...

All that really matters is that husband likes it :)

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