inspiration: chuck close

Wednesday, December 2

This is Chuck.
He's an artist of infinite mediums, self portraits and
most recently an inspiration for my ongoing artistic rut.
Yesterday, {amidst the long hours of copper carving, ferric chloride etching, scraping, inking and printing...only to result in a small and insignificant looking image of a leafy branch} Chuck reminded me that it was okay. Cause, as he's said before, sometimes the work put in, is just as important as the final result.

So thanks Chuck,
for taking hours and hours to carve seemingly insignificant little black squares into your copper,
and for painting bite-size pixels of color onto your canvas for months on end
and for painting kate moss's face so finely that it looks like a photograph
and for making red and blue and green circles turn into a portrait of a man
and for being the artist in my head that keeps telling me it's all worth it

you're the best


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