baby, it's cold outside

Tuesday, December 8

early this morning,
while scraping the ice from my car's frosty windshield...
and having my nose hairs blasted with negative 1 degree winds...
and having a pile of snow land directly on my drivers seat as I opened the door, {giving me wet bum for the next hour and a half...}
and as my car blinked the words "road may be icy"... and "low traction" at me over an over again,

the thought occurred to me:
i wanted to go to school here WHY??

the only logical conclusion?
i'm insane.

Somehow, I'll beat these winter terrorists...
i WILL! with my fuzzy boots, super-hero sized scarves and large stocks of hot chocolate on my side...i'll make it through and just keep dreaming of the much warmer Carolina days in the very near future.

take that meany cold.


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