Warning: I had a bad day

Monday, November 16

Today. This was me.
Just about everything that could have gone wrong today... did.
My copper plate: ruined. My time: absolutely wasted by unnecessary meetings. Magazine layout perfection: unattainable
And I'm just about at my wits end with a certain couple of teachers:
normally I like you. Today... not so much.

To teacher #1: Your tests are RIDICULOUS. I hate them. AND art history. So there.
To teacher #2: Franklin Gothic WAS the perfect choice, I like it left aligned...and I'm leaving it. Meany.

I NEED A BREAK. Poor Tyson, every time he turns around I'm having
another silly/tearful breakdown over nothing
{ie. waterworks over 3 dishes in the sink. ... i know.}
not because those things are important or even relevant.
but because I would be at the disposal of a
classroom full of judging eyes if
I was to give way to my tearful emotions when I was
really feeling the most frustrated.

so...i save those good times for lucky Tyson.
isn't it sad that we save our most pathetic moments for the ones we love the most?
Hon... seriously. You're THE BEST.

Tomorrow will be better.
I'll un-scrunch my eyebrows and silently apologize for wishing curses upon pretty much everyone. And I'll breath. 10 breaths in-10 breaths out... until next week.

Thank goodness for Thanksgiving Break.


Rissy said...

at least when you are angry you cry and don't yell. I yell : / ooopsies

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