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Tuesday, November 3

Can you believe these were designed in the 1920's???
I LOVE the De Stijl movement and it's innovative designers. Van Doesburg, Mondrian, and Gropius were so ahead of their time. Their belief in the absolute bare basics of architecture, furniture design and artwork is genius.
The fact that these designs are still considered "modern" today
speaks volumes for the De Stijl designers' talent and foresight.

{Just my feelings on today's art history lecture.
I really do love this stuff. }


Michaela said...

What class was this? Slash what did you major and minor in? I'm going to BYU-Idaho and can't decide... The things you love seem to be the things I love. Which means nothing, but it might mean something. I want to do furniture design and whatever this class was has to be in my line up asap! Also hi :) Your blog is adorable.

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