Story of – How To Spent MCO Period in Malaysia :

Working from home – Obviously.

Due to the Movement Control Order, my school has transitioned into online learning. As an administrative staff, this meant that I have to be on standby during the day in case my manager and/or the Sixth Form leadership team needs anything from my end. This includes updating and managing our students’ spreadsheets and databases, chasing up students about university admissions offers, reaching out to alumni for videos/comments, and scheduling meetings for students.

As we’re going into a new school term (which just started last week!), it’s been a little bit busier with planning resources for online lessons and trialing out a new platform for college advising and searching. It’s definitely a new experience to be able to work from home, but it’s been interesting. Considering how I’m only in my third month in the job, it’s definitely a ‘fun’ time to WFH. I’ve been trying to catch up with a lot of things on my own, but my team has been super supportive.

As I am generally not a morning person (unless I have to, such as physically going to work or waking up early for a morning meeting), my manager’s OK with me working out my own work hours during the day. As a night owl, this means that I’m mostly doing a lot of my work in the evenings. I am definitely super grateful to have an understanding and flexible manager!

Story of – Beautiful Young Ladies Keep Their Pretty Secret :

Young ladies as youthful as nine portrayed their optimal lady as a ‘truly’ blonde who dresses provocatively to pull in men, as indicated by stunning new exploration.

A gathering of 13-multi year-olds uncovered that she would wear ‘tight’ tops, uncover her bra ties to get consideration from men and have costly garments.

Requested to depict her, they utilized words, for example, a ‘prostitute’ and ‘whorish’ and said she would be wanton.

All the more worryingly, a considerably more youthful gathering – matured somewhere in the range of nine and 11 – said a lady ought to be ‘keen on folks’ and ‘pompous’.

What’s more, when requested to draw their optimal lady, pretty much every young lady from the two gatherings delivered a flimsy, blonde and white figure – even those offspring of non-white ethnicity.

The discoveries came as analysts examined self-perception issues among little youngsters.

Educator Niva Piran of the University of Toronto solicited two gatherings from young ladies matured nine to 11 and 13-14 to draw ‘the perfect lady’.

The more youthful youngsters consistently delineated a blondie, blue-looked at young lady with costly garments, high heels and ‘tight’ garments.

Introducing the exploration at a global meeting on self-perception at the University of the West of England in Bristol, Prof Piran stated: ‘What occurs between the two gatherings is that the more seasoned young ladies begin policing other ladies.

‘They need to resemble that however state she is idiotic. So they are downgrading themselves with this perfect. They are even awkward in their own beliefs. Their optimal lady was a twofold edged blade.’

She included: ‘What we see is a steady inability to acknowledge decent variety, so we have a great deal of work left to do.’

Different speakers at the meeting noticed the adverse impacts of internet based life on how youngsters saw their self-perception.

Teacher Ann Frisen of the University of Gothenberg inspected the impacts of digital harassing on adolescents by contemplating a gathering of multi year-old young ladies and young men.

The young ladies conceded they dreaded being reprimanded for their looks and unequivocally wanted esteem from individuals on the web, regardless of whether they are outsiders.

Prof Frisen stated: ‘They are freeing themselves up to such frightful remarks, making themselves so helpless in light of the fact that they need such a great amount to have somebody post something complimentary or complimenting.

‘It merits the hazard to them.’

Most young ladies conceded they were cruelest to different young ladies while high school young men said they dreaded posting photos of themselves online in the event that they were called ‘gay’ by their friends.

Jon Brown, head of sexual maltreatment programs at the NSPCC, stated: ‘What we see with considers like these is that kids don’t feel they can act naturally.

‘We’ve seen a huge increment in the quantity of kids calling Childline and discussing the weight they feel to look a specific way.

‘Some of them state they would prefer not to be found in open since they’re excessively vexed. It’s actually quite stressing considering they’re intended to make the most of their childhoods.

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