tennis shoes of the berry variety

Tuesday, December 10

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Shoes: NB from ASOS, Pants: H&M, Blouse: F21, Sweater: Target, Coat: ASOS, Sunglasses: F21

So I'm trying this new thing where I wear tennis shoes. I never wear tennis shoes. Even when it's 8:50pm and I'm racing out to the car in my pajamas to return a redbox on time, my choice in footwear will always fall solidly in the rain boot direction. My husband is a tennis shoe aficionado of sorts. I put these on and he was all, Babe! Wow! You look athletic. {Anything that makes me look "athletic" is a maaaajor thumbs up. I suppose I should have put that one on my marital warning label. Attention! Warning! Will miss the ball every time. Mate only if you want a 50% shot at having children who hate gym class. Apparently he's good with that. Give the man what he wants! Art! Music!} Anyway I put them on, tied them up tight and walked around for a bit. Later, when I went to put them on again, I found that the laces had been adjusted just so, so that I could slip them on and off without tying and untying the laces. I'm assuming this must be the cool thing to do. We help each other out.

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December 11, 2013 12:08 PM

HA! This cracks me up, because you JUST described my husband. :-) I try and wear tennis shoes (although I'm mostly just a bare foot/flip flop gal), but even then, I just feel like an athletic impostor. :-)

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