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Monday, February 11

Everett and I took a quick trip up to New York this past weekend, right in time for Nemo to come blowing in, showing off its sleety snow in a genuinely admirable effort. And a time or two it did feel like what I imagine botox injections might feel like? Just tiny needles beating the smile lines clean off your face. But other times it was just fat, wet snowflakes, swirling straight down as you emerge from the Subway. And THOSE. Those were appreciated. We stayed with my really wonderful friend Natalie, with whom I could stay up until truly disgusting hours of the night talking and talking, so naturally the good times could not be stopped, Nemo or no Nemo. We walked for hours through the Meatpacking District and took shelter in the Chelsea Market for a while. That market, man! My life's savings are going directly to the vendor with the Moroccan rugs and the spices. You know in the next life that I have where I like to cook and rugs are always magically on sale for 50% off.
I didn't realize it until after we left for NY, but Everett started teething again that weekend. Two behemoth molars. He was the toughest little traveler, that poor guy. And the second we got home, we both took a nap for four hours straight. Because we're weaklings! And apparently I don't drink enough Diet Coke.
It was so nice to get out of town for a short while, with good food and always good conversation. I mean I can never say enough about that Natalie. She is the warmest hostess and truest friend. We count ourselves pretty lucky to know her and her sweet family. And little Henry is THE CUTEST in person in case anyone was wondering. Dubbed honorary big brother to Everett.
 Little old men conversing at Patsy's, as they do.
 Their cheeks seem to grow an extra layer of squish when they're sleepy, don't they?
Food that I will never not say yes to while visiting NY. Lemon Ricotta Pancakes from Sugar and Plumm and the dark chocolate Levain cookie that I thank my lucky stars we had a little bit leftover for the plane ride home.
Huck was an awfully good host while we were there too. He showed Everett his room with his favorite stuffed animals and shared all his toys and snacks. They even wrestled! It looked like THIS
This is the face of a child sitting at a table full of babies for the first time in his life. Breaks my heart every time I look at it! He recovered 10 seconds later with a hearty bite of cake.
And a stop sign that was teething too
Till next time, NY! We will miss you and your wonderful people.

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February 13, 2013 10:46 AM

Tasty food, good friends, and little ones––looks like an amazing trip, even if it was bad weather :) I love your beanies!

February 13, 2013 1:31 PM

What great pictures! Looks like a good trip minus the freezing part of it! :)

February 19, 2013 6:14 AM

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