Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Thursday, March 31

Shoes: Michael Kors, Skirt: Thrifted, Belt: Thrifted, Top: Gift from the Hussy. Because her ta-ta's are more fabulous than mine. 
- Attending a very nice Grad Night with husband and trying very hard to listen to a very nice musical number, but getting very distracted by the singer's very wobbly and overly-vibratoed Adam's Apple. That thing could DANCE man.   
- Jammin to my washing machine. I swear I could hear drums AND a base in last night's performance.
- Slaving away over the toilet for I-kid-you-not 20 minutes, plunging my little heart out ... when finally I got so fed up that I angrily texted husband that if HE'S the one whose feeling fabulous enough plug UP the toilet, then HE'S the one who gets the fabulous job of UNplugging it. He came home later and did it in 5 seconds flat. Fire shot from my eyes and our toilet suffered a tragic death another 5 seconds later. Why do all of our appliances love him more?
- I WAS going to say having Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup for breakfast, but I guess everyone on Twitter thinks that's awesome. I joined the club.
- That daggum wind we've been having. Not cool for outfit pictures. Chicago: I dare you to live in Rexburg for a WEEK. Actutally, let's make it interesting. I DOUBLE DOG dare you. Now doesn't that just scare your pants off.
- Husband saying I love you out of the blue yesterday. Sometimes that's just so nice -- So say I love you today people. For no reason.You might just get extra kisses
- Every single outfit in the newest JCrew catalog that I will be copying from now until I die.
- The two books I ordered in the mail the other day that will be VERY nice to read on our little vacay.
- My visiting teachers bringing me homemade banana bread on Sunday. People are so nice.
- That husband is now comfortable enough behind the camera to direct me during the shoots. "Turn around and let me see that tushie. OK now shake it!" We always try to keep things very professional.
- Gold and Citrus, the fabulous jewelry company that now has my very large face on their site {eek!} is offering a 30% discount on all orders for readers of The Daybook if you use the coupon code DAYBOOK30 at Checkout. I just got these babies, and I CAN'T WAIT to wear them!

Link up here loves. Last Thursday in March! Thank the stars, the worst is over.

you're gonna like this

Tuesday, March 29

Shoes: Kohl's, Jeans: Old Navy, Top: c/o Katwalk, Hat: Walmart, Glasses: UO

Howdy Do. I would like to introdue you to my shirt.
Shirt, Friends. Friends, Shirt.
And listen, I know you've seen it before. But you should probably just get used to that. Cause if you could see what I REALLY wear most of the time {meaning what I change into after outfit pictures are over and my hair goes up in a pony} , I guarantee that this shirt would be on about 85% of the time. Why?
1. It goes just as well with my nice jeans as it does with my ratty college sweats. I also wear it on laundry day when I HAVE no pants.
2. It has secret little side slits that husband loves almost more than anything
3. You can eat a lot, grow a magic food baby and no one would even know cause your shirt is so stinkin loose and chic and breezy. BAM.

So here. Get your own. With this $50 Gift Card that Katwalk is giving away to YOU my pretties
Like them on Facebook and leave a comment below. 
Winner will be drawn next week.

a quick hello

Monday, March 28

Boots: Famous Footwear, Jeggings: c/o WindsorStore, Top: c/o Threadsence, Jean Jacket: American Eagle, Leather Jacket: H&M, Belt: Husband's UO, Earrings: c/o Truly Sarah

Good morning fellers!
Husband and I had quite the late one last night, staying up to finish the most impossible and ridiculous art project ever. I'm a little bitter. And it's still not done yet. SOOOO ...
If you're in need of a little entertainment {cause this didn't QUITE do it for ya this morning}, and you like my orange shirt, then you're gonna like this.
Cannot believe I get to shoot with that guy.  He's ridiculous. Are you reading this Vu?
You're ridiculous.

pictures from an afternoon

Friday, March 25

Lookie what I found. 
Spring's givin it a go, bless it's little heart.
I would just like to take this moment to recognize that husband DOES indeed receive mail sometimes.
It was a rainy day: ideal conditions for big collars and no outfit pictures.
You know what I like Key Lime Pie, you KNOW what I like. 
Happy Friday! 
I'll be doin good if I can make it past 2:00 without drooling on my desk. 
I'll letcha know how it goes.

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Thursday, March 24

Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Jeans: Old Navy, Top: F21, Blazer: Nordstrom, Necklace: IHOD
- Getting a muffin for breakfast and requesting that it be heated up. I pay for it and then the muffin boy confirms that I want it to be heated. Yes, I say. So he goes behind the counter to grab it for me and asks again, "Now. You're sure you want this heated up?" 
I don't know that I have anything else to say about this.
- Sitting at a booth for work. All by myself for three hours. UNTIL! Out of nowhere comes this couple who decides to practice their gushy waltz routine right next to me. I'm so lucky sometimes. It got even better when they started playing their song: "Dancing Like Lovers". Here. You need to hear this stuff. So there's an empty hallway, and then there's two dancers gushing away in each others arms ... and then there's me. It was the ultimate drink-your-juice-and-look-the-other-way moment.
- Purchasing my certain food of choice {be it weird or not} and having the check-out girl make grimace faces as she slides it across her scanner. YOU my dear, don't have to drink it. Rude.
- Picking up our sweet pork tacos last week and husband telling me that "hey, you might want to grab a couple extra forks. Ours our dirty" and then proceeding to grab about 20. I'm a bad wife.

- Running into my teacher during lunch and having him ask me if I've done the reading assignment yet. I sheepishly say no and he says "yea ... me neither. Probably won't."
- Husband sitting next to me on the couch, establishing my new email account and basically organizing my whole life. His newest thing is, "sure thing boss-lady". I'm hoping this one sticks.
- The sun staying out all the way till after 7. It's spring!
- Pretty much only 2 weeks till school's out. Half of me wants to pee my pants and the other half wants to run around in no pants. In celebration of course.
- Um. I'm on A Cup of Jo today. I also just did a I'm-so-happy-I-could-seriously-just-die-but-then-still-grow-wings-and-fly-away dance right on top of the cafeteria table. It's too bad you missed it.

That's all. Link up here! This is my favorite day because of you.

Attention Attention!

Wednesday, March 23

 Because I think my other one is almost dead, I've started a fresh new email account. It even has a special signature at the bottom and everything.

on second thought

Everything except the blouse - WindsorStore. Blouse- Ruche.
 I'm sitting on my couch right now, drinking this huge thing of lemon San Pel right out of the bottle. (No judgment. I hate plain water.) And I suddenly have this urge to cook. As you know, this never happens. So while I was going to write this big long blah blah post about our change of plans, right now I'm gonna ditch and take advantage of this fleeting FLEETING moment while it lasts. Betcha anything I'll be getting extra kisses tonight.

And for all those who are lovers of beautiful things, Threadsence has killed it again with their video making skills. Enjoy.

Psst. Little Secret. I'm so excited that I get to head down to Cali and collaborate with these creative geniuses in just a few short weeks! Can you believe it?? eeee!

excuse my lack of monday-ness. Sometimes that day just needs to be ignored.

Tuesday, March 22

Shoes: c/o Threadsence, Jeans: F21, Top: American Eagle, Sunnies: UO, Traveling Bag: Le Mode Accessories
 You know what's kind of disappointing? Waking up at 5:21 exactly to the sound of lovely chirping birds and thinking to yourself that today is going to be a warm day. Only to realize that those chirping birds are actually your husband's irregular breathing directly into your ear and that it snowed last night for the first time in weeks. Happy Spring to me.

Also, happy Tuesday to you.
 From me. And from my traveling bag. I received it from the lovely Mara
and next it's headed off to miss Kendi 
 and I'm afraid I'm gonna have a hard time parting ways with it at the post office today. 
It's so huge and everything. I could probably fit my entire pottery barn book collection in there.
Not that that's relevant.


Friday, March 18

Shoes: c/o Threadsence, Jeans: F21, Top: Gap, Sweater: Kohls, Necklace: c/o In Honor of Design
Welcome to Friday peeps. 
There's some summer plan changing going on in the household over here.
Part of me is sad. And part of me is happy. 
Part of me wants to take it out on a big ole cheeseburger.
But that's nothing new.

See ya Monday!
Or see ya over here. Whichever comes first.

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Thursday, March 17

Jeans: Gap, Top: c/o RPS, Chain: Kohls, Watch: Gift
- Our little behind the scenes shot right at the top there. Sometimes husband needs help seeing when the camera strap is in front of the lens. Thank GOODNESS I'm there to help him out with stuff like that. I don't know how he would manage.
- My gansta chains having a hard time resting anywhere besides smack dab between the ladies. They're just so huge and everything.
- Being "interviewed" for "TV" {these are both in quotes because we all know that college TV is fake} about a PR campaign my group and I have been working on. I got the hardest, trickiest trickster question of the group, I said "uhhh" for about 5 minutes straight {no pauses or anything ... 5 minutes people. It was amazing.}, and then I said the right answer. And then I punched the interviewer in the face because he stressed me out.
- Waking up to find my hands on my hips. My subconscious is a diva.
- The creepy two-sided mirror lookin' thing that was in the bathroom today. But don't worry. I played it safe with my T-shirt wrapped all the way around my knees and my eyes glaring evilly at the "mirror". That'll show em.
- The magical massage chair that I sat in for 20 whole minutes at the car dealership. While husband talked business, I jiggled my way to happiness.
- How windy and rainy it is outside right now. But I'm in bed. Wrapped up in a blanket. With the heater warming my toesies. You should also know that this means my eyelids are half closed. We're lucky this post is even happening right now.
- Meeting the prettiest redhead I've ever seen at dinner. Thai food is apparently where it was at tonight.
- Going to bed at 9:30. THIS is a miracle.
- Wearing husband's cologne and actually getting compliments. Apparently manly is a good fit for me.

Link up YOUR Awkward and Awesomes here!

my pants want you to know that having a big pelvis is not in style

Wednesday, March 16

Booties: c/o WindsorStore, Pants: c/o YesStyle, Sweater: JCrew, Belt: Thrifted, Top: c/o Koo De Ker
My grandma would be so proud of this outfit right now. Me? I think these pants have seen the last of their days. Bye Pants. Husband doesn't love you. 
My shirt on the other hand ... Husband LOVESSS you. He likes how you put a big look-at-me bow right on my bosoms.
Kind of like a yellow striped birthday present juuuuuuuuust for him.
Would YOU like a yellow striped birthday present for YOUR bosoms?
Leave a comment below. About anything you want. {Extra comment for liking KDK on Facebook}
I'll pick a winner.
And Koo De Ker will send you one.
Your men can send me thank you notes later.

8 steps to a successful and spontaneous monday night date

Tuesday, March 15

Shoes: c/o Threadsence, Skirt: Ruche, Top: c/o KatWalk, Blazer: Nordstrom, Bag: c/o One Language {a little ampersand love. cause I'm a designer}
1. Head over to Wal-mart with the intention of picking up toilet paper. (Yes, most of our dates start out this sexy.)
2. Instead, end up across the street with a major hankering for Mexican sweet pork tacos. Proceed to satisfy hankerings.
3. Somehow meander into the next store for some Key Lime pie and a few new music selections.
4. Keep track of how many times you say, "I will NEVER be able to pick out music again without a slice of pie in my hands"
5. Finally continue on to Wal-mart
6. Be forced to get toilet paper against your will
7. Get home and put on matching fuzzy robes {We are not ashamed! OK. We're a little ashamed}
8. Fall asleep on the couch. While it's still light out cause daggum it's 6:30 and the sun's not even set yet.

black and white weekend

Monday, March 14

allo mates
did you have a good one? we did. we had a really good one with only four unrelated pictures to show for it. 
we went to see the Adjustment Bureau on Friday night and totally loved it.
and then we finished off our movie theater strawberry straws as we drove around car lots at midnight and peeked in windows like creepers ...

oh. and then some other stuff that's none of yo bid-ness.

THAT kid

Friday, March 11

Jeans: Gap, T-Shirt: Vintage, Blazer: c/o Frock Candy, Watch: gift, Necklace: c/o Gold and Citrus
 Guys. I'm one of THOSE students. You know the ones. The kid who is la ti-da-ing through school, doing just fine until BAM, she registers for her last semester and frantically realizes that the last two classes that she absolutely NEEDS are being held at the exact same time with no alternative professors or time options. Cue throwing up. Also cue running all over campus frantically making appointments with about 3904839 advisers, none of which can do anything but throw their hands in the air and say, Tough nuggets kid.
To which I yell, "your MOM'S a nugget!" and storm out.

But GUESS whose an adviser for the Business Department.
And when I stormed into his office yesterday, tears brimming and frustrated, he pulled me into a separate room ... let me have my pathetic moment in private, wiped my tears and proceeded to spend the next 3 hours helping me reorganize my minor into two emphases ... ALL of which have class times that are available for my last semester.


Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Thursday, March 10

Shoes: c/o Threadsence, Jeans: F21, Top: H&M, Glasses: UO, Sweater: c/o ShopMamie
- The serious throat-clearing sesh that went down with a very ... erm, flemmy gentleman in the silence of the art gallery. 4 minutes straight I tell you - I timed it. That's how impressed I was.
- Minding your own business in the shower, just washin your hair and suddenly looking up to discover two little eyes peering at you from over the curtain. Less awkward and more pee-your-pants creepy. It's about time I got him.
- Someone I don't even know calling me "little momma". Hi-nice-to-meet-you-I'm-Sydney-don't-call-me-that
- Someone telling me about how kissing his girlfriend who has a small, blond mustache is awkward. And I was beginning to think I'd never know what that was like.
- Sitting, minding my own business, just homeworking away when someone comes up to me ... "um . excuse me. could you move? Like maybe 3 seats down? You're in our picture." Awesome. Now everybody just silently stare me down as I pick up my giant pile of books, and laptop and purse and coat and gloves and move three giant seats down. Could not have been a better moment for me.  
- Taking a nap at 8:00pm. This is not awkward, this is just dumb.
- Shopping one day and coming upon this awful, {awful I tell you} smell ... making a comment about it and yes, maybe a stinky face grimace ... and then this woman makes eye contact with me and tells me she's sorry. Tell me, HOW am I supposed to respond to that.

- Having a Skype date with one of my best blogger friends, Sarah. {Yes people. She is alive and well}
- The 4 week school-end countdown that is starting right. now.
- The 10 hours Husband and I had in the car this past weekend. And I only napped once.
- Bisquick batter
-Also, Carmel flavored rice cakes. They kinda taste like sweetened cardboard -- and I'm totally into it. 
- Only waiting one night, instead of three to do the dishes. It was a "look honey!" moment. 
- Dry shampoo -- You guys were right. It rocks your world.
- Husband: "Just think how perfect that would be with some red heels" ... I mean. The man knows me.
- Realizing that I'm probably gonna look back and really miss school and this stage in our lives. And that deleting my little rant post was a good idea ... Positive thoughts. Positive thoughts.

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