Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Thursday, February 10

Duck Boots: Thrifted, Socks: Husbands {North Face}, Jeggings: c/o WindsorStore, Button-up: Gap, Sweater: Gap, Watch: Husbands {Skagen} Hat: Walmart, Bag: c/o THEIT bag
- Ew! I did that cliche little fashion blogger feet-turned-in thingy and I didn't even know it!! Bleh. Note to self: howsabout we don't do that anymore.
-  The poor guy who came into my office the other day with his nose just covered in ... stuff. He couldn't tell cause his face was frozen. And I was trying to be sensitive about it right? So I handed him a tissue and said, "here you go". And what does he do? He puts it right in his pocket, that's what. So I hand him another one. Nothin. So I'm finally like, "hey um ... you got a little ... somethin somethin. Just ... you know ... in this general region. You might wanna use that Kleenex there."  
So finally the guy gets it. But just in case anyone is wondering. When someone hands you a Kleenex ... pal, it's a social cue. You gotta take care of your stuff.
K Soapbox Over. 
- Walking by the opera practice rooms at 8 in the morning. No 'fence.
- Stealth thrift shopping. It's the way we have to do it around here in this college town. "Baby quick! I think she's about to put that sweater back. It's your size! Wait for it ... wait for it. GOOOOOOOO!!! NOWWWW!!! *Obviously, he runs* FINALLY! I've been waiting for this sweater my whole entire life! It's MINNEEEEEEE. muah ha ha ha." We don't lose at thrift shopping. Ever.  
-Bangs that get greasy twice as fast cause they're against your forehead all day. I forgot about that part. Let's hear it for hats!!
- Husband getting embarrassed when I say the word boogs *apparently* too loud in public. But I guess that's only awkward for him.
- The awful silence in the bathroom when you're in the stall and just one other chick is primping herself in the mirror. Sometimes I just want to yell out, "K I'm not gonna do anything until you leave ... so how bout we just speed the process up a little and you primp somewhere else"
- My duck boots. That I swiped for 4 bucks. Like I said, Muah ha ha ha
- The ginormous amount of donuts my professor randomly brought to class this morning.
- Jeggings!!! I don't care if you hate them. They are the best thing that's ever happen to me. You might even call them, "the light of my life"
- Nail polish that has stayed un-chipped for not just one day, but TWO. Twoooo!! We're setting some crazy personal records here.
- Husband talking my ear off for about 30 minutes right before bed last night. And then turning over and immediately falling asleep. Sometimes guys just have to talk too. Little precious-es
- The class that's held in the middle of the library. On special occasions, they blast Beyonce's "If I were a Boy" really really loud.
Never mind. That's awkward.
So apparently there's no more Linky tool, so link up in the comments if you've got some Awky and Awesome business to share!!


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Gertrude said...

I love jeggings as well.. they're so comfy. Don't know why there are so many people who hate them! x

Bows and Pearls

migotka said...

super! fun!

migotka said...

super! fun!

Gertrude said...

I love jeggings as well.. they're so comfy. Don't know why there are so many people who hate them! x

Bows and Pearls

Courtney said...

Love this outfit and your duck boots!

Michelle {Adore Cherie} said...

What shade of lipstick are you wearing? I love how its bright, poppy, with a hint of orange. You look fab!

SweCupcake said...

that outfit is the cutest!!

Dani said...

Love Love Love you...Cutest lil thing EVER

Yours Truly said...

I love those "duck boots," and that shirt from the gap. Wishing I would have bought that now!

Awkward: An ex-boyfriends current girlfriend coming into to work just to walk by, check me out, and walk out.

Awesome: She got knocked up by him and I didn't.



ElisabethCS said...

My Awkward and Awesome...FRIDAY:)Late late late.

Rebekah said...

Check out my awkward and awesome!


kimchicsisters said...

cute bag!

check out our blog! xo

AL MacD said...


running into boys you are in acquaintance with (i.e. not friends, not strangers) when you are trying to buy tampons.

Nicole said...

Love your blog, as always!

♥Nicole from

Shannon Olson said...

I love awkward and Awesome day so we have done it also!

ElisabethCS said...

Okay, I don't know if I'm starting to think like you or it's just "great minds...blah blah blah. I got some duck boots from the clohting swap this past weekend. But mine are ruined under one sole...I know crazy huh? haha

You are stunning my dear!

AlishaLoren said...

Worried about greasy bangs? You've gotta try some dry shampoo. Just spray a little in and you're on your way :)
p.s. Thank you soooo much for your blog. After having 2 children and too much time in maternity clothes and Mum gear I have been in a style no mans land, you have gotten me back in the groove, back in touch with fashion and back in love with my curly hair. Thank you!!!!

Helen Walker said...

Awesome: Finding out you're pregnant!
Awkward: My Father-in-law touching my pee stick aka pregnancy test..

Rebecca said...

Today, I tried to do some cute wavy hair like yours. Mine's a bit shorter than yours, but I thought it would work just fine.

I ended up going to an interview feeling like Shirley Temple my curls turned out SOO tight.

Super awkward! But, I kinda rocked the interview anyway :)

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