this is what happens when i try to get a little privacy in the bathroom and husband WON'T leave

Sunday, February 28

{it's probably best to just not ask}

here's to happiness

10 things that make me terribly happy {by her}Photobucket
{copycating from here and here. great idea nik!}
1. my favorite pair of denim jeans
2. cuddling an extra 5 min after the alarm goes off in the morning
3. going home
4. a huge bowl full of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter
5. having my favorite song come on the radio and shaking my bootay for a little while before school in the morning
6. his skin {it's seriously the softest thing ever and he never uses lotion! don't get it}
7. black/white film and photo albums
8. my wedding rings
9. post-it notes on the refrigerator from him
10. laughing till I cry
{photos found here}

10 things that make me terribly happy {by him}


1.boise state football
2. date nights with the wifey

3.old classic movies and faking british accents

4.coming home to the aroma of dinner {yes! she cooked tonight!}

5.did I mention boise state football?

6.shoe shopping {yes. i'm one of those people}

7. prime rib at Texas Road house
8. new lingerie {syd told me not to put this on here. But I’m a man okay?}

Group game nights {cause I'm da king of catan}

10. Head massages at the Lather Lounge and my new mint shampoo. dude, it's fresh.

date night

Saturday, February 27

Last night was date night. Which I was SO happy about.
Last week we didn't get a date night because Tys was working on a project with his group that took 13 hours. He worked all through Friday night while I pouted on the couch and gave death stares to his group members when they weren't looking.
I can be such a baby sometimes.
Last night we went to our favorite hole-in-the-wall Thai food restaurant and renewed our vows with their crab ran-goon, swearing to never abandon it for as long as we had again. Then we ate sweet and sours and rama-thai to our hearts content.
{it was delish. and hey...we get ONE free day a week during this diet thing. so we take full advantage}
After that we hooked up with some pals and saw "Leap Year", which we highly recommend by the way (can't beat a PG chick flick!) and topped the night off with some hot chocolate and cupcakes at the Cocoa Bean.
It was the best. We love Fridays.

Friday Tyson

One thing that I have discovered since being married to this guy
is that he's got a Monday-Thursday version of himself. And then he's got a weekend version.
What you see above is 'Friday Tyson'.
Friday Tyson likes to sing and dance in the car.
He likes a little PDA on the sidewalk. {that's what I'm talkin about}
He likes chick flicks.
He likes not talking on his cell phone when we're on a date.
He let's me take lots of pictures of him without complaining
He likes cuddling for looooong periods of time
He likes cupcakes and hot chocolate at the Cocoa Bean
He likes doing lots and lots of "whatever you wanna do sugars" {sugars= me}

I sure like Friday Tyson.

a friday state of mind

Friday, February 26

Friday is supposed to be a regular day. It is made up of 24 hours. We get up at the normal time. We get dressed. We're tired. We go to class. Blah Blah Blah.
So here's a question: Why are Friday's 24 hours significantly less productive than Saturday-Thursday? It happens every week. Today, I made one of my famous lists specifically reserved for Friday's "to do's" and so far I have crossed off approximately 2 and a half items, (The half item may or may not have something to do with my morning health drink. ... It was green.)
Anyways. The lack of list-crossing accomplishment is leaving me feeling a little on the lame side at the moment.
So I think I've decided... no more Friday lists.
Amen and AMEN.

excuse us while we play with our new toy

Tuesday, February 23

just a little Nikon lovin while we watch the Olympics
{we like figure skating, ski cross and hockey the best}

Oh and P.S.
Guess what i made for dinner? ...
Salmon with honey-lemon glaze, sweet potatoes and spinach. It was delish
I feel like I have bragging rights on dinner since I ... shall we say ... strongly dislike cooking
{wish to goodness I didn't}
but anyways. husband devoured it in about 5 minutes.

yesssssss ....

coming soon: some lovely little pictures

Sunday, February 21

i did it. I got myself one sweet little Nikon baby.
cannot describe the excitement.

it's her birthday shout hooray!

Saturday, February 20

It's my sister Caytlyn's birthday today - 19 years old!
I can't even believe how fast it's gone. She's turned into such a beautiful young woman and is seriously the most funny and creative and giving girl I've ever met.
{she's going to be the best mom someday}
19 seems to be the magic number for the Adams sisters so far.
{looking forward to seeing that ring sista!}
Can't wait to see where the rest of our lives will take us....
Happy Happy Birthday!!!
{P.S. Wasn't she just the cutest? {still is} These pics are some of faves}


Friday, February 19

last night's pillow talk:
s: {rubbing T's face} did you shave this morning?
t: yea
s: did you know that you already have some stubble comin in?
t: {rubbing face} huh. yea ... i guess i do
s: since when did you start growing whiskers so fast?


t: since I became a man yesterday
-It's all right that I'm not making dinner tonight. Because I've cooked three nights in a row. And tonight ...we're having left overs.
-It's all right that I just told someone next to me to stop whistling 'a child's prayer' because I couldn't concentrate {even though I feel really bad about it now ... I mean, what kind of jerk tells someone to stop singing primary songs??}
-It's all right that I wrote something down on my 'to do' list that I had already done, just so I could cross it off and feel super accomplished about it
-It's all right that I took multitasking to a whole new level and wore white-strips to my class tonight {It's a good thing I didn't have to talk ...that lisp would have been a little bit awkward}
-It's all right that I was completely {almost inexcusably} rude to a boy who didn't bother to look at my ring finger.
- It's all right that I didn't use my class time to work on my pot, but finished two other papers instead.
It's all right that I'm addicted to the sweet-tarts that are in my office's candy jar. {I swear I've gained 5 lbs just by working there}
-It's all right that it's only Thursday, but I'm gonna sleep in like it's Saturday tomorrow. {I don't have class till 9 ...yaaaaay!}
photo found here

Ramblings of a grateful wife

Tuesday, February 16

This photo was taken only a couple days after our wedding. Look at us... just babies! {we're so old and distinguished now you know}
Last about 3:30, I woke up with pretty severe legs cramps. {which p.s. ... aren't those supposed to go away when you're like ... 12?} Anyways...I was tossing and turning and whining...{again like a 12 yr old} and finally woke Tys up. But he was a saint ...
He got up with me, pulled out some muscle relaxer creme and massaged my leg for whole 1/2 hour. Then he tucked my leg under his and put pressure on it until it didn't hurt anymore and I could finally fall asleep.

Now, everyone just close your eyes for a second, cause I have to say it...AGAIN:

I just love this man.
He's the cheese to my macaroni and the bread to my butter. We've been through so much together since this picture was taken almost two short years ago. I can't believe how far we've come since then... and we're only getting started. Husband, thanks for doing the little things. Thanks for listening to me. And for going grocery shopping with me even though you technically didn't have to. And for being understanding of my girlish ways. And for getting up in the wee hours of the morning just to rub my leg.

Love you 4eva

we heart v-day weekend

Sunday, February 14


{brunch on Saturday morning...just a side note: I LOVE lemons and will eat them any chance I get... unfortunately at the risk of any kind of good manners i've ever had.}
10 of our favorite things from this weekend:
1. three straight days just to be with each other
2.breakfast for nearly every meal. {i almost wish i was kidding}
3. head massages at Paul Mitchell {it was our first time getting our hair done together...we quite enjoyed ourselves}
4. Sleepless in Seattle and Casablanca marathons
5. practicing our kisses as if we were in Casablanca... it was very dramatic.
5. Dinner and 'BauerPower' night with the coolest couples on the block {you know who you are}
6. plenty of cuddling and blessed blessed naps
7. dancing on huband's feet
8. hearing Elder Quenton L. Cook speak at church during his visit to our stake today
9. cups of tea in very large mugs
10. homemade valentines

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

10 things I'm choosing to be grateful for right now to distract me from this #$%@ headache

Thursday, February 11

I’m feeling a bit cranky at the moment. And I’m trying really hard not to be. Maybe this will help.
1. The fabulously silky Tolani scarf my mom got me for my birthday. I can hardly take it off…it’s basically been adopted as the childhood blankie I never had. and yes. sometimes I even sleep in it {don’t worry mom. I don’t choke…you know I sleep like I’m dead or something}
2. My job. Even though I SO didn’t enjoy being there today
3. My go-to pair of Gap slacks that I’ve somehow managed to wear to work every-day this past week. Is that gross? They’re just so fantastically stuffable … since my book bag has managed to gain significant poundage this semester and barely has any room. {Someone forgot to make a new years resolution this year} Plus. If you had to walk outside in 10 degree weather…bet you wouldn’t be wearin a skirt either.
4. The slab of clay that made me feel incredibly accomplished yesterday.
5. Fry-sauce. And the delicious fries that I ate today and didn’t feel guilty about. At all.
6. Pants! And not shaving my legs
7. Tyson: the best anti-headache medicine I’ve ever had.
8. A clean house {not that mine is right now. But I’m sure I’ll be very grateful when I finally get around to it}
9. My warm Alaska socks that are dirty right now and that I’ve been missing terribly since they’ve been away.
10. My fingers. And my toes. And my arms, and legs and tummy…and my entire body that has the ability to cuddle up to my husband tonight and just sleeeeeep

here's a fun {and stupid so don't do it} game to play while waiting for class to start

Wednesday, February 10

There are two rules:
#1.See how many time you can make faces at your computer in a public place before anyone catches you.
#2. Smile and wave when they do.
{P.S. I got caught making the bottom-left face. yes. that winner right there. and no i didn't smile and wave. i blushed as red as they come and decided that I will NOT be playing this game anymore}

brace yourselves. I'm about to post a recipe.

Tuesday, February 9

OK people. I know it's just a salad. But we're taking baby steps here.
My inner-domestic goddess is still learning how to clean off male pee splatters from the toilet and keep up with the laundry, so let's give her a break and roll with the salad thing shall we?

1 tomato, sliced and diced
1 cucumber, peeled and sliced
1 drizzle {we're using technical terms here} of olive oil
1 handful of feta cheese
and several shakes of:
Lawry's seasoning salt
Garlic salt
and Pepper

With that, add a couple slices of french bread and my most favorite raspberry lemonade and whalla!you have 5-min meal perfection. {Try, however, to not cut your finger while 'slicing and dicing' the tomatoes. Because that hurts.}
*Recipe introduced to me by Tys's mom Kamie, while we were visiting in Europe.
Apparently this is a big hit over there.

my husband can jump like michael jordan. kind of.

Tys is doing P90X. Heard of it?
It's the guaranteed best way to start feeling as nauseous as a woman about 4 weeks prego.
{at least for those of us who don't do that kind of thing regularly}
Tys is a champ at it though. {This is him here, with his buddy David...doin the Plyo}
Unfortunately, we have some cranky-pants neighbors living below us who kept banging on our floor with their wicked-witch broomsticks, so...
I think he'll be hittin the yoga for a while till they stop being meanies.
{p.s. neighbors: it was only 7:30. it's not like you were sleeping}
Like I said before...we just love apt living.

hero of the day: nienie

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.

About life. About what it means to be a ‘good wife’. And about someday being a mom.

I’ve been so inspired lately by one woman in particular who has completely refreshed my perspective on happiness.

Stephanie Nielson is a wonder...her blog is a must read. In my fleeting moments of free time during the past week, I’ve been reading over her daily musings from 2005 up until now: her life as super-mom, now completely transformed by a near-fatal plane accident {burning most of her body} and how she is STILL choosing to find something to be grateful for every day.

P.S. I’ve been taking notes like mad…she has some of the cutest traditions for her little family that…shhhh…I’m totally stealing when we have babies. {like this and this}


Anyways. I’m never going to be able to complain about anything again. EVER.

Saturday morning around 8:00, husband rolled over, kissed me and said
'hey...wanna grab some cereal, cuddle on the couch and watch a movie?'
I did. {like anyone could say no to that}
So we dragged our blankets to the living room, cuddled in our pajamas, ate our cereal and watched two chick flicks before noon.

this Saturday, life was grand.

Happy happy birthday!

Thursday, February 4


Tomorrow is my sister, Chelsey's birthday. I can't believe how much she's growing up and suddenly turning into this beautiful, tall, kind, funny, cheerful, enthusiastic young woman who's always up for anything and never looses that fireball spark. {I mean, look at that face...she's a rockstar!} I love you so much Miss Chels and hope you have the happiest Happy Birthday ever!
{never change. you're just fabulous.}

Apartment living is never boring...

Dear Neighbor who lives above us in #1306,
This might embarrass you a little, BUT I just wanted you to know that I can hear you pee every morning. {I think something is seriously wrong with your water pipes.}
Anyways, I really don't like it. At all. But I did want to say thank you for having a biological clock that's right on time. I never have to take my cell phone into the bathroom while I'm getting ready anymore because you, my friend, are the alarm clock that goes off every morning at 7:00:
letting me know that I only have 15 min to finish up and head out.
Honestly, the whole thing grosses me out. But it's still kinda a little bit helpful.
So. {gag} Thanks.
photo found here

All things baby

Wednesday, February 3

After finding all these cutie-patooties in New York Mag. yesterday,
I realize that I probably should have started having kids yesterday. But. Since that's not happening for a little while... for now, we'll leave the baby-makin {and baby-clothes buyin} to Kelsey {bestie who's being induced tomorrow...still can hardly believe it!} P.S. My fave is the daddy diaper bag on the bottom left. We are SO getting that.
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