suspender dresses 4 lyfe

Tuesday, June 23

Shoes: Converse, Dress: F21, Tee: Target (old), Hat: F21, Bag: c/o Stokke, Sunglasses: Target (old)

SUSPENDER DRESSES!! It's like the trend gods suddenly understand how hard it is to find a dress to breastfeed in, and have bestowed upon us this fine gift in the form of a Friend's flashback. So our many thanks to YOU trend gods. And to you too Monica, for blazing the suspender dress trail. But most especially, to YOU Netflix. This dress may actually have nothing to do with you, but we all know who the real hero is.


Thursday, June 18

To Everett, everything is baseball. Football is baseball. Soccer is baseball. Tennis is baseball. And of course, baseball is baseball. He has this 49ers football jersey that he inherited from one of his friends, and it doesn't matter how many ways you tell him that the helmet on the front of that shirt, is, in fact, a football helmet, he believes in his soul that that helmet is for baseball. The 49ers jersey is his baseball shirt, just as much as his actual baseball shirt is his baseball shirt.
When Tyson was away for those six months, he would call and talk to Everett about this summer, and how, when he was done in Texas, they were going to go to the store together and pick out his very own bat and his very own glove and his very own baseball.
Well much to Everett's absolute delight, that day arrived this week. I waited in the car with Isla while I watched the two of them bound into the sports store like a couple of boys about to get their bonding on, and grinned as I watched the two of them pile out of the store again, lugging all the equipment, plus a T-ball stand, which Everett announced as the "pentagon with a stick, mom!" as soon as he got back in the car. 

Side note: we've been abruptly transitioned out of the "mama and daddy" phase of our time with Everett and strictly into the "mom and dad" portion of our lives. Is there like, a self-help book for this kind of thing? Please advise. :(

Speaking of transitions. We just recently purchased a double stroller now that Isla's old enough to kind of do her own thing. Which, if you've never experienced a double stroller buy before, it's sort of what I would imagine buying a minivan is like. In that, you do a ton of research, read a million reviews, and when you finally take it home with you, it's like, do I actually own this? Is this my life? Am I adult enough to be PUSHING a DOUBLE STROLLER down the street? Tyson was very excited about the prospect of picking one out. Probably something to do with making up for six months of lost parenting decisions or something, I don't know. He's always kind of been the hands-on, pro co-sleeping type of dad from the beginning, so I guess picking out his very own double stroller was sort of the natural next step haha. We ended up going with the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie from Target Baby. (If you're in the market for one, we've been so thrilled with it.) Literally, the words that came out of his mouth when he was pushing this thing full of his children and brand new baseball gear were, "This is the best Father's Day gift ever!
Made a killer decision when I married this guy, I really did. 

So, with the "best Father's Day gift ever" in tow, we strolled to the park last night at sunset and played a magnificent game of T-ball. It was possibly one of the best summer nights there ever was. Everett slept with his mitt last night, and even as I write this first thing in the morning, they're at the field playing again.
And here we have Isla, doing her best to get in on the action in the best way she knows how: Yelling loudly across the field, until we put her in her favorite place (The one and only Baby Ergo, a life saver in a very literal way), and gave her a baseball to taste. Start 'em young.

Love live babies and baseball, am I right.
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I went to Austin and only took two pictures. But hey! The grand canyon

Tuesday, June 16

Are you ready for this? You're about to OD on a crap load of pictures of the Grand Canyon.

But first, this. Us in the middle of west Texas.
Last week, we took nine days and drove to Austin, with two objectives. To watch Tyson walk across a stage and celebrate his well-earned Masters, and to move him out of his depressing, single-guy studio apartment. You guys, round trip to Austin is 2400 miles. 2400 miles, spent mostly between two car seats, and I'm still alive to tell about it today because miracles are real.

The graduation ceremony was moving and inspiring and beautiful and I, with the help of our wonderful friends, wrangled my children long enough to be able to sneak just one picture of the moment Tyson was being congratulated by the CEO.


Just kidding, I got another one. But is my timing impeccable or WHAT.


Happy Graduation babe! I love you and you're amazing.

We spent a few days in Austin, eating our way through the city, spending time with friends and sweating a lot. BECAUSE SO MUCH HUMIDITY. (Which was always plentiful in Virginia during the years we lived there, but after six months in the desert, I'm a dried-up humidity grinch now I guess.)

After packing everything up, Tyson locked the door of his apartment for the last time, jumped into the swimming pool with his clothes on to celebrate, and we hit the road. They were long days of driving, with our evenings spent spread out on big hotel beds and taking night swims at the pool. They were really good days. The kids were such excellent little travelers. And I didn't murder anyone. So overall, huge success.

Before we left, we'd decided that we'd take some extra time coming back, and stay in a little lodge near the north rim of the Grand Canyon to explore for a day. Basically our best idea ever. The lodge, which was right off the highway, was called Vermillion Cliffs and the kind of place where you play pool with a cold root beer and talk to your cook while he makes you the best burger of all time. A little dingy around the edges, with comfy beds, cool people, and a really good vibe.

These next two shots are basically a summation of their little sibling relationship.


The next morning we had an incredible breakfast, and then headed out on the scenic drive to the canyon. The north rim is not what you think of when you think of the typical Grand Canyon landscape, but if you're in the market for a Grand Canyon vacay, in my opinion, the north rim is the best. It has only 1/10th of the tourists, jaw-dropping views, and more of a one-with-nature vibe if you're into that. This is an infomercial if you were wondering.

Here comes the pictures. Bottoms up.


Have to tell you. It feels so stinking good to be back together again.
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