my daily uniform two ways

Monday, March 20

My daily look, for some time, has been some sort of variation of a t-shirt and jeans. With keds, or with a well-made sandal or heel, it works. With a top knot, or hoop earrings, it works. With or without a sweater or jacket, it works. I can and will monologue to you about a t-shirt and jeans and the way in which having a small collection of a perfectly-fitted set of each will change your life. In terms of going into your closet in the morning, and spending exactly zero minutes on pairing what with what. This is not news to anyone of course. We know these things about t-shirts and jeans.
And so did I, I suppose, until one day I realized that I was holding onto a pair of jeans because I liked the wash and the cut, but literally never wore them because they started to stretch and sag after a few hours, and I was constantly having to tug them up. So that day, I went through and cleaned out everything that wasn't an absolutely perfect fit, which ended up eliminating a lot of my trend-based items too. At the end of the day, I was left with a super basic closet, but one that fit me really well and felt like me. I highly recommend the experience.  So now, whenever I shop, it's felt super easy to add new items into the mix, because of the all-knowing, all-filtering set of criteria. Does it fit really really well? Can it be easily paired with everything else that I own? And is it a white shirt? (jk I just really like a good white shirt. I have a solid collection going.)
Kork-Ease is celebrating this concept of owning one's signature look with their #originalyou campaign, so with this in mind, lez break some outfits down.

This button-up, for instance ...
... I loved that it felt classic but still relatively cool because of the cropped cut. And I really only wear a mid/high-rise to full on mom jeans anymore, so I knew I could wear it comfortably with whatever.
And this pair of Paige denim which was magically one of the first pairs of flairs I've ever found that didn't immediately require a hem job for my short legs. For a second I did think that the distressing at the bottom was alllllmost hinting too much 2004, but then I decided that it was actually what made them ideal ... takes them a step away from those fancy flair jeans that take themselves too seriously, you know the ones.
And then, these perfectly seventies Kork-Ease Adelphi wedges, which I kid you not, I have not taken off since they came in the mail. I did not know that my other shoes were non-arch supporting until I put these on. Like, I would walk a marathon in them. Speed walk ... you know.
 Shoes: Kork-Ease, Jeans: Paige, Top: Nordstrom Rack, Bag: ASOS, Sunglasses: Target

Here's another version of what you could expect to see me in should we ever run into each other at Chick-Fil-A.
White tees and jeans, white tees and jeans, I could sing you a song about white tees and jeans. Super stretchy jeans to be specific. Taco Bell jeans to be even more specific.
I'm again wearing Kork-Ease here, this time the Amboy sandals, which, ok I lied about the first shoes, because I have also almost exclusively been wearing these since they came in the mail. None of my other shoes exist anymore. My life is about arch support now. Arch support and skin care and daily uniforms, I am aging just reading this.
In all seriousness though, I love settling into myself. Feel less inclined toward experimentation and more inclined towards simplicity and knowing what is and isn't me.
Makes it real easy
Shoes: Kork-Ease, Jeans: Topshop, Top: Nordstrom Rack, Hat: F21, Sunglasses: Old Navy, Choker: ASOS

P.S. I did a little interview over on Kork-Ease blog if you'd like to check it out HERE!

This post was in partnership with Kork-Ease, a footwear brand whose style stays true to its 70's roots and whose sandals could probably also double as slippers. Just saying.

our bedroom! a before and after

Tuesday, March 7

You guys! I decorated my room! This gets extra exclamation points! Because! Our room! Has been! A dumping ground! For nine years! And now! It's not!
Ok, I'm done.
And dumping ground may be a little strong. But seriously, for the almost decade we've been together, we've never ever put any thought or effort into our room because, I don't know. We were the only ones who would ever see it/spend time in it and therefore it wasn't worth our time/money? That's basically the gist of it. We've stored bikes in our room, mismatched furniture, an ACTUAL bow and arrow, and over the years it has served as not only as a sleeping room, but as an office, a toy room, a dining room (which drove my husband a specific brand of nuts), a TV room, and has never not once, seen anything hung on its walls.
I did a little home tour of our place a few months ago, but our room was not part of it and this would be why. But there's something about buying a house, and still not having done anything with your room eight months later that makes you say, yes ... it is time.
So with that, here are our 'befores'. (Excuse the pile, it was laundry day)
Our room is actually quite small, so a king bed, with the extra width of the platform right in the middle of it takes up most of the space. We've had this platform bed for over a year now ... I liked its clean, low-key vibes, plus it made it really easy for our kids to get in and out of bed with us. It's essentially what set the tone for the whole space.
And this is how it looks now! Little bit boho, little bit southwestern, a touch of mid century?
My goal was to choose items simple enough and versatile enough, that if I wanted to, I could change out the whole vibe with a switch of a rug, and maybe a plant. I could easily see a kilim or persian rug working in there, next time I feel like throwing $1800 out the door, you know? (So, never? haha) The giant one I have in there now was on sale for a STEAL of $150.
One of my favorite things I did for the space was installing our curtain rod up near the ceiling. I was second guessing myself about it, cause I thought it might look a little ridiculous, but it ended up making the room seem taller, and larger. All those design shows ACTUALLY know what they're talking about. Here, you can also get a view of both our book basket and laundry basket, which are inaccurately not overflowing with clothes and/or random stuffed animals. It will never look like this again.
My sister over at Pacific Loom is the weaver behind this gorgeous macrame creation above our bed, and it's like the cherry on top of the whole room. It ... completes me.  
(Excuse Isla while she takes a quick power nap)
These two photos that I had framed through Shutterfly were the ones that also really helped solidify the direction of the room, if not just make it entirely. I really wanted something that felt very personal but also complimented the space with a contemporary vibe so I went with the photo gallery print frames. I deliberated FOREVER on which two out of the billion photos on our computer that I should frame. I had a couple picked out that held a lot of nostalgia from our time in Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley where our babies were born, but at the last minute I chose these ones, which were taken on a late summer day just 10 minutes down the road from where we live now. Hanging them really made the whole space feel even more like home.
But because it is, after all, OUR room, I also wanted a picture of just the two of us by our bedside. I ended up choosing this one, which after playing around a bit with all the bordering and color options on Shutterfly, decided to offset it with a large matting and white frame. I just love that the photo visually feels more emphasized that way. The pic, snapped by my sister a few years ago, was taken on a very good day watching Everett pick out a pumpkin at our favorite farmer's market in Winchester, a place which will always hold a sweet spot of nostalgia for us.
Our bathroom was tricky, not because it's particularly unusual, but because I don't have the first idea as to how one is supposed to decorate a bathroom. Up until now, I just haven't really. (Does one actually hang pictures in a bathroom??) But then I came across the mounted wall art options on Shutterfly, and got this idea to do sort of a photo-strip inspired framing, and just rolled with it. It was so easy and fun, and the kids have absolutely loved discussing each picture individually while they take their bath haha.
And there you have it! Our itty bitty room in a nutshell. And I have to say, how NICE it is, to go in there at the end of a day and truly truly enjoy it. It's our little family sleeping haven and it's basically like a spa experience after all these years of going to sleep amongst heaven only knowssss.

This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Awaken your space with your vision. Shop Shutterfly Home D├ęcor for personalized home accents that are uniquely you.

a very belated valentines day breakfast

Wednesday, February 22

Our family was hit with a cold like a truck this past week. First it got me, and then the kids, and the germs took us out one by one like they were actually enjoying it. As it is, there is very little that's redeeming about February. Especially a sick February and a February where my husband is gone for a significant chunk of it. But we do have Valentines Day. We have pink, and red colored everything, and chocolate, and each other. So, to make up for the fact that I was congested and consequentially unfestive on actual Valentine's Day, we had a belated celebratory breakfast when I felt like I could function without dying.
We decided on a very pink breakfast. These two are very much into food dye lately. The other day, we made four different colors of homemade playdough, and I regretted it immediately haha. (I TRY to be a fun mom I really do, but that crap is STRESSFUL.) But this was just one color, and closely monitored, so they were so excited to take turns mixing everything up.
 Some VERY pink waffles coming right up.
 And pink milk too.
With of course, our favorite milk of all time. We love using fairlife because in terms of protein, it's much more nutritionally dense (a whopping 13 grams vs. only 2 grams compared to regular milk), and it has 50% less sugar.
They were only slightly disappointed when the dye didn't magically transform the milk into strawberry flavored milk, but it was still QUITE magical.
When I served their plates up, Everett said, "wow mama you're like a chef now, we should live in a restaurant." And that's why you have kids. Because when you do only slightly above average work, they're convinced you're actually at the top of your game.
And because Everett is the special breed of human that he is, he doesn't enjoy syrup on his waffles. Instead, he prefers two fried egg whites on top, with salt.
All cut up of course, and fit just so on top of each bite. He is not sure why this amuses me so much.
Isla's more of a traditionalist.
I don't know what I did to deserve these sweet little love muffin valentines, but they love each other so much, and I am so lucky.
(My husband just read this line and said, "you married me that's what you did." So. Glad we solved that mystery. ;) )
So happy belated v-day guys!

This post has been in partnership with fairlife, a company that we use and love in our home daily.

a snow day

Monday, February 6

This January has been a real doozy. I wish I could love it, I really do, but it tends to get to me every year and this one has been particularly depressing for a number of different reasons. So late the other night, I was googling this, right. A basic, "how to make Janurary suck less" google search. And it tells me that the two solutions are, get some light, and get some exercise. So I call my husband to tell him about all of this. Really keeping the main focus of the conversation on my various feelings, and then oh also, by the way, these are some solutions. And if your husband, is anything like my husband, then you know that, MAN, a good, solid solution to a problem is like striking gold. Well great! he basically says. Light and exercise? You've got it, you can do this. And while the next words out of his mouth were essentially, "wait, hang on. I didn't mean to try and fix it, let me start over" while I silently laughed on the other end ... he was, actually, right.
So. For now, my resolution until it's not anymore, is to do just that. Get some blood flowing to my limbs on a semi-regular basis. Maybe. Fingers crossed. And also, get outside.
So last week for starters, my sister and I went rock climbing, and then this week we decided to take our girls out sledding, and just general snow stomping. Everett, however was uninterested in coming, as he does not function well in the cold, and is very good about honoring that part of himself haha. 
This girl on the other hand, loves the snow/being outside in general, and begs to stay long after I'm ready to go. It may have something to do with this puffball of a snowsuit which she asks to wear constantly.
I may be smiling, but on the inside it's all melodrama and pleading.
 Spring, are you there? It's me, Syd.
Of course, we could not show up without something warm to make us feel better about our life's choices for the day.
I'd warmed some hot chocolate on the stove before we left, and I'm telling you right now, there ain't no hot chocolate like some hot chocolate made with fairlife ultra-filtered chocolate milk. I will never go back to the mini marshmallows version and THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING. Nutritionally dense in protein (13 grams per serving!), with 50% less sugars than regular chocolate milk. Also the best you'll ever taste.
We took turns sharing sips in between sled runs.
And all in all, it was an afternoon venture that included neither exercise nor sun but we'll give it points for trying!
This girl is my sunshine anyway.
This post has been in partnership with fairlife, a company that we use and love in our home daily.
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