monday morning

Monday, September 26

Shoes: Joie Dress: ASOS

Today is a Monday. I like Mondays. Because on Sunday, I usually go to bed with my house in a bit of mess. I don't necessarily do this on purpose but it's becoming a bit of a tradition. I'm using the word, tradition on purpose of course, because listen, my Sunday mess is a purposeful mess, and it needs some respect. This delightful Sunday mess of toys, and pillows that the kids dragged out of our bedroom. Maybe the scattered leftovers of a late night snack Tyson and I shared after the kids went to bed, and the pile of clothes/legos/baby dolls/mini grocery carts stacked on the stairs waiting to be taken up all at once. I like this Sunday mess. I like the day we had while creating it. And I like that I spent my night in bed with my three favorite people rather than worrying about any of it, for the obvious reasons, (i.e. our kids adorably flopping all over the place in their jammies), but also because my sheets are killer and they deserve to be truly appreciated on occasion. So here we are, with all of our piles of things greeting us on this fine morning. That late September sun is shining and we have a busy day ahead of us, starting with the pulling open of the windows and the pulling out of the vacuum, but certainly not before finding at least three otherwise invisible legos with my bare feet. Feels good.

to market to market to buy a fat hen (and/or peaches)

Tuesday, September 20

I found this great farmers market the other day. It's sort of my thing. I mean listen, I'm not saying that I'm the best in the world at finding great farmers markets, but could I put it on my resume? Probably.
Flanked by cornstalks at its entrance, it was tucked back in the shade of some large trees, next to a trellis that used flowers as its roof. Peaches, pumpkins, and pears abounded, and I swear you could smell the tomatoes halfway down the road. It also boasted a sandbox, a swing set, and an old metal slide fastened to a tree stump. A true gem!
So first of all, I need to know how one goes about getting into the farmers market business.
Second, is it possible live in one? Perhaps, right by the peach section.
Look at that thing!
Also, this face. Maybe my favorite picture I've ever taken of her. Drenched in my chapstick, as per usual.
Everett would also like to know it's possible to live here.
Shoes: Uxibal, Jeans: ASOS, Shirt: F21 (old), Bag: Plum+Sparrow
P.S. If you're local to the Boise area, this farmers market is Wagner Farms, located right at the intersection of ten mile and chinden!

weekend muffins

Monday, September 19

We made muffins this weekend. Not just any muffins, but zucchini muffins. I don't know about anyone else, but I feel like I grew up on zucchini muffins. Zucchini bread. Zucchini chili. Zucchini stir fry. And I'm pretty sure my birthday cakes had zucchini in them too. A big ol' backyard garden was a constant part of my childhood, and along with that came some big ol' zucchinis. My mom was always shredding them up and sneaking them into, I'm pretty sure, everything she made for us. She'd make pancakes and then slow wink at us from across the table. ;)
It's next summer's goal to get our garden up and going, but for now my kitchen has been graced by the hearty zucchini's from my sister-in-law's garden. She dropped them off, each the size of a newborn baby, along with her shredder, and we went to work. My freezer is now stocked with secret green vitamins, so if anyone wants me to make their birthday cakeeeee ...any takers? Anyone?
For this weekend's muffins, we decided to go with the chocolate chip edition, and Isla was thrilled to bits to be my helper for the whole process.
 She was also very into kissing things throughout. Muffins made with love!
We also used fairlife milk for our recipe. We've partnered with them this year and I was so so thrilled when they reached out, because we love them and they'd be in our fridge whether they were a partner or not. Their chocolate milk, especially, has been a family staple (best I've ever had). So here's the deal with their milk. Through their ultra-filtered process, it has 13g of protein per serving (!), half the sugars found in regular milk, and it's also lactose free. I love knowing that with as much milk as we go through, our kids are getting more of what's good and less of what's not.
Everett ate the whole thing like this, straight off the table, so that he would not have to touch the "messy stuff" because he's Everett. He also told me that I'm "a good mama" for making these muffins for them. That opinion changes depending on what kind of food I happen to be serving at the time, but let it be known that ON THIS DAY I WON!
If you'd also like to trick your children/ other humans into eating vegetables, the recipe we used is found here. It was a good one!

This post has been in partnership with fairlife, a company that we use and love in our home daily.

best in the world

Friday, September 16

Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens, Jeans: ASOS, Belt: Urban Outfitters, Tee: ASOS, Sunglasses: Old Navy (in store)

This morning I made crepes for breakfast. This is a rarity as I do not necessarily enjoy the process of making crepes: cooking only one thing at a time only to have that thing devoured faster than I can make the second thing. But I also happened to make crepes for dinner last night and had left over batter so, punishment fits the crime. Once Everett had a plate in front of him, he sat down at the table, fork in hand, and proclaimed, "Mama did you know that crepes are the best thing in the world?! They are so delicious, everyone in the universe should try them." And it was very cute. Cute, and somehow also a total life lesson, having something to do with appreciating the little things, and being so happy and grateful for something, no matter how small, that you truly believe that the thing you have is the "best in the world." And this is why you have kids I guess. They force you to make crepes and then make you a better person.

Hope you get to experience something that is "the best in the world" today too. And happy weekend!

fancy meeting you here, in this apple orchard in september, how very unexpected

Thursday, September 15

Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens, Jeans: ASOS, Belt: ASOS (sold out. SIMILAR), Tee: ASOS, Choker: ASOS, Sunglasses: Old Navy (in store only), Backpack: Sole Society

We stopped by an apple orchard the other day and I managed to take some outfit pictures for the first time in ages. I'm going to do my very darndest to make them more regular now that my life feels more settled and normal. I'm a blogger dag nabbit and I believe I can fly. So while I'm here, I muuuust address the jeans I'm wearing because I get asked about them a lot and honestly everyone needs a pair in their closet. I actually have three that I rotate through right now, and they are all the ASOS FARLEIGH jeans. I have two denim pair, and one black pair, and I just don't know if regular jeans will ever do it for me again. I never have to hike my pants up anymore! If anything I have to hike them down, but let's be honest, my kids usually have that covered. Also, the length on them is cropped which is my favorite look for any and all types of shoes. And they come in maternity, tall, petite, regular, distressed or non-distressed, I mean COME. ON.
We basically owe ASOS our lives.

our home so far!

Tuesday, September 13

Ahhhh! Two months later and I feel like I'm finally put together enough to put at least some of our home on the internets. I don't know that I'll get the, I'm totally DONE feeling, until maybe a few years down the road, but it definitely feels like home now and I'm so excited to share! It's all a mix of old and new so I'll be sure to link if it exists online and/or list where everything is from at the bottom of the post. Craigslist has been kind to me.

I'm not a very colorful person, but our living room is very tall and very white, so my goal in putting it together was to bring in a lot of various textures and wood tones, while still keeping it all relatively neutral. Also, because our ceiling is so high, all of our furniture felt particularly low to the ground, so I hung a flag and brought in a tall fiddle leaf fig tree to bring things up a bit. All of my plants are real except for that guy in the corner there, and I love him for it. He was listed online with the highest reviews, and tales of fooling many a house guest, which turned out to be totally true. I replanted him into a larger container, threw some actual dirt on top, and he feels real legit.

If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen that I was agonizing over what to do with this wall. THEN I unpacked all of my pictures and realized that they would actually cover it end to end comfortably. I had seriously debated putting a large tapestry/weave/rug up there, but that would have meant dividing up the frames throughout the rest of the house, and lessening their overall impact, so we decided to just throw them all up there. I love that this whole wall now holds some of our fondest memories as a family. Photos, artwork done by friends, family, or myself, some dried flowers from a favorite bouquet, etc. It feels so personal and the perfect thing to incorporate into the room we gather in the most.

This piano is our next project. It's a 1920's beauty with good bones that I got for nothing on Craigslist, but it needs a fresh paint job and a real good tuning. I'm so excited to get it up and playing again!

This weaving and these concrete candle holders were made by my sister Caytlyn, who just opened up her own shop, Pacific Loom. It's chock-full of the most beautiful stuff. And yes, this is the same sister that made Isla's incredible birthday cake "just for fun". She hogged all the creative genes.

"Scuse me, trying to eat goldfish here"
This dining room table was one of those that turned out to be soooo much better than it looks online! It took a while for it to get here, but now that it's arrived, it's been so amazing to be able to invite large groups of people over and have most of them actually be able to sit at the table haha
I know these boards may be overdone by now, but I don't care, I just think they're so fun to switch out every now and again. This one was also cheaper than the other ones you've probably seen because amazonnnnn (my sister tipped me off).

I feel like my current quote is a pretty accurate summation of parenthood.
This is the kids' room right now, although despite the bunk beds, it's not currently being used for sleeping haha. It's more of a "get dressed, read books and play" room until we graduate from our current family-sleep situation in the master. It's a phase that will probably seem fleeting in a few years, so we are enjoying having our babies close to us at night for now.

And finally, just a small look at the office, which is far from being done but I am still awfully proud of this mirror I swiped for a heck of a bargain off of Craigslist. (Again, my sister Caytlyn tipped me off ... are you noticing a theme here? haha)

And that's it! I know I've said this a million times already, but we are so so grateful to be here. It is literally a dream come true to sit in our own cozy living room at night and watch The Office while our babies make a mess of legos at our feet. DREAM. COME. TRUE.

I've tried to link to everything below, but if you have questions about anything let me know!

Dress: Free People

Living room//

Couch: Thrive
Blue Bokhara living room rug: ESaleRugs
Cross Blanket: Pia Wallen
Killim couch pillows: MothersAtelier
Striped couch pillow: Arro Home
Armchair: Ikea
Fiddle Leaf Tree: ZGallerie
Mid Century chest: Thrifted
White/Wood armchair: Ikea, thrifted
Fur Throw: thrifted
American Flag: Amazon
Lamp: Ikea (old)
Credenza: Craigslist
Rattan chair: Craigslist
Rattan chair cushion: Amazon
Piano: Craigslist
Wall Weave: Pacific Loom
Cement candle holders: Pacific Loom
Basket: Plum + Sparrow
Mid-century white chairs: Overstock

Dining room//

Table: West Elm
Chairs: ATGStores
Letter Board: Amazon 
Tapestry: Thrifted
Credenza: Implement Furniture
Mirror: Ikea (old)


Rug: ESaleRug
Macrame plant hangers: Etsy
Cutting Boards: Arro Home
Zinc letters: Anthropologie

Kids room//

Rug: ESaleRug
Bunk Beds: Craigslist
Dresser: Ikea (old)
Elephant wall hangings: World Market (old)
Letter frame: Ikea (old)
Laundry Basket: World Market
Tent: Etsy
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