isla loie takes a three hour nap

Monday, July 27


Let it be known that on this day, in the heart of July, exactly one month before her first birthday, Isla Lo and her mother took a three hour nap. We don't know how or why, but it is our hunch that in her benevolent goodness and rolls, Isla has realized that we, as her parents, have almost made it through another year one, and will probably need a nap here and there before things really get going on the toddler front. Either that, or it's her best attempt at bribing us for a bigA chocolate cake at her party. 

Which we'll probably oblige.

the L.A. flower market

Monday, July 13

My sister and I took a girl's trip to L.A. with a couple of friends last month. All in all, we were four women, and four babies, two rental cars and one condo. Which is just about as insane as it sounds.

It started off well.  Isla and I were on our way to the airport when I got notification that our flight had been cancelled. So the lady baby and I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon waiting in line, so that we could get bumped to a different flight, which ended up taking off late that evening. As delightful as that sounds, it actually wasn't terrible; spending all that time at the airport when everyone around you is rightfully like, OMGGGG, and you're like, guys, guys. You don't understand. I could have a three-year-old with me right now.

That is the blessing of having two I guess. When you go back to having just one, it's kind of like winning the brain lottery. SO MUCH ROOM FOR MY OWN THOUGHTS, I MIGHT AS WELL BE MEDITATING; SOMEBODY GIVE ME A MATH PROBLEM.

It was so awesome to spend the week with just Isla. It reminded me of the old days when it was just me and Everett, taking on the world; getting to experience my baby one on one. I didn't even know I had missed it until I got to L.A.! Of course, she'll never remember it, but spending that time with just my sunshine girl was so connective and needed. I love love loved it.

The time we had there felt packed to the gills, but we did manage to steal an afternoon in the L.A. flower district. So please enjoy the following 4000 pictures of peonies. Had to be done.

getaway packing preview

Friday, July 10

This summer has been jam packed for us. A weekend here, a few weeks there. I mean, it hasn't even made sense to move yet since we haven't stayed put anywhere for long enough. It's been kind of a dream, taking this time together to go see some things and just BE. So out of the norm for us!

Tyson's brother is getting married this next week, and so we'll be headed out again for a few days, this time on a red eye with the babies, because we're animals. In honor of the occasion, I thought it would be fun to do a little bag dump of sorts, like the old days. My beauty essentials for summer travel!
I've grown to be somewhat of an expert at packing for a trip and keeping things down to the bare minimum. In fact, two kids later, and I'm still sharing the same suitcase with them that I used to take for just myself. And it's a point that I don't mind bragging about a little to my husband.
Oh, you need an entire suitcase for just yourself? No diapers or anything? Cool. 
(If you're a smart aleck and you know it, clap your hands!)

Part of my strategy is to have everything I need to feel generally put together, be able to fit in one hand. (Two, if we're counting hair stuff.) It is the best. I had a moment at the airport, after I had checked my bag, when I was on the phone with Tyson and realized mid sentence that I had forgotten to put my get-ready bag in with my checked bag. Over the course of the next 5 seconds, my brain quickly threw together a vision of someone's blue security glove pointed at me, while I dumped the bag's entire contents into the trash can before walking through the scanner. Dollar signs flashed before my eyes, right before I realized that DUH, everything in that bag was TINY, and it's all totally cool.

Here's my arsenal!
First things first, a tote to haul aforementioned arsenal in, plus diapers, baby wardrobe changes, toys and my grocery store's entire snack aisle. And then of course, Pixi's H2O Skintint and NYX Wonder Stick, which you already know about from THIS post. They're both pretty much almost gone, because they're my number one favorite finds for the summer. But then, you see, I found these other guys. Just to fancy things up a little for the wedding. I've never used a cheek tint before, but this Sheer Cheek Gel from Pixi is soooo pretty. It looks like it could be overpowering in the tube, but a little dab on the apples of your cheeks, and it looks like you're glowing from within. #innerbeauty
NYX's Extra Creamy Lipstick in this light pink, is the pink I've been looking for foreverrrr. Like a bubblegum sheen. And then NYX's Dewy Finish Setting Spray is a LIFE SAVERRR. OK so it's like, when you sweat because it's daggum hot, you look like you have a dewy finish all over your face anyway, so what could possibly be the point of this stuff, right? WRONG. This stuff will make you look dewy and like you just did your make-up instead of melty and in need of a touch-up. I'm telling you, it's wild. So great for those of us who will be having a camera smooshed up against our face for 8 hours in the humidity.


The other portion of our summer plans have included plenty of water. Splash pads, pools, lakes and oceans.

This requires a straw bag, because it just does. They are the Mary Poppins bag of the beach. They hold too many things, and then they hold some more.

(Don't you love how it's solely my stuff being carried in this shot? hahahahahahahahahaha. If only.)

My mini beauty arsenal for the water as follows! First. Lots of water. We already know this. Next, Sun Bum Sunscreen is a new favorite because it allows us to have one sunscreen for the whole family instead of one bottle for the kids and one for us. It's all the good stuff. Non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, vegan, and paraben, gluten, cruelty and oil/PABA free. Of course I threw my H20 Skintint and NYX Wonder Stick staples in there. And then you guys! Revelation time. NYX Incredible Waterproof Concealer. That's actually the name of it, because it's actually incredible. Swim all day, and still magically look like you slept last night! And then an eyebrow wax pencil, which was actually a discovery and recommendation from my sister. For those of us who were genetically blessed with caterpillar eyebrows that have minds of their own, especially in the water. NYX Eye Brow Shaper makes them look like they're trying, without actually looking "done."

And thus concludes my summer beauty bag dump! May your July routine get a little lighter. :)

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today is

Tuesday, July 7

Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Tee: Print Liberation, Hat: F21

Today is

Plowing through a whole pack of doublemint gum while I finally attempt to put this entire space into book form. Pass the aromatherapy.

Deciding whether the clean laundry has been on the floor long enough to need another round through the wash.

A little boy who woke up at 4 am and then slept most of the day away on a pint-sized mattress on the floor next to me. Curled up next to his threadbare Wink, with bare legs splayed out. And poking from under his covers, the tiniest ninja-trutle covered bum. I look at his long messy hair, and pouted lips, and still see my baby.

And discovering that he knows his rights and lefts today?! I swear I didn't master those until I was at least the embarrassing age of 12. 

A vibrant, fearless little girl with enough personality for 10, who's cutting teeth like a boss and dancing through it.

Burgers grilled out on the back porch with IBC root beer and naked babies. 

And this outfit.  Which is part of a case study on not shaving your legs in July.


Monday, July 6

We escaped the beating heat this last weekend, and took a little drive up to Brianhead for the day. And we are sure that it is the promised land, for even on the third day of July, it was a balmy 72. We could not even. We puttered around the ski shops for a while, and then took a ski-lift ride up the mountain to throw some rocks off the top, and take in the views. In the few times I've been skiing, the ski-lift was definitely the favorite part. I'd say about three-quarters of your time in the lift is like therapy. Floating in the quiet, absorbing the nature around you, watching your breath puff out into the air, and laughing with the rosy-cheeked person sitting next to you. The other quarter of your time in the lift is spent watching the other skiers whoosh below you, while you wonder what the freak you're doing going to the top of a mountain with two boards strapped to your feet. So a summer ski-lift is sort of my jam. All therapy, no stress!
He's suddenly emerged into a full-fledged lefty, just like his Dad. Tyson is level 10 stoked. Do you even know how many times I've heard, "Babe. Babe, watch him."
IMG_3614 IMG_3631IMG_3644IMG_3667
I love this picture of Tyson re-braiding my hair in the very second that Everett is running up to present me with a flower he picked. I was having a moment.
Isn't she a beauty? Good enough to eat, thought Isla.
Everett absolutely came to life during the ski-lift ride up and down the mountain. I think this is the year guys. I think this is the year of getting our money's worth at an amusement park. Update to follow. #everettridestherides2015
After we took our ride back down the mountain, we decided that jumping 50 feet onto an inflatable bag sounded like a great idea. Which it was.
Not pictured: the amazing burgers and dogs that were consumed post activities and the quiet, serene, therapeutic, two-hour car ride home that lulled our babies right to sleep. Brianhead, you babe.
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