an october hike

Friday, October 14

We went to Montana last week (post coming as soon as I can get my kids to fall asleep at a reasonable hour) and it was BEAUTIFUL but rainy and cold the entire time. So driving back into town this last weekend, and seeing the sun shining and the last of the truly perfect October temperatures sticking around, my sister and I decided to take advantage and head outside for a hike with the kids.
Not pictured, but important to mention, is that the number one advantage of hiking with young children is that even though you're walking at a relatively slow pace, and may feel a little like you're herding cats, your kids will eventually get warm and start shedding their layers, which falls upon you to carry. And then they may get tired, and ask to be carried, which also falls upon you. And then eventually you will get warm and start shedding your layers, which again, falls upon you to carry. And  soon, you find yourself walking up a large hill, draped like a pack horse, and you're pretty sure you're in the middle of an Ironman. It's a wonderful workout!
Before all that happens though, it's important to do some light stretching.
Also important for everyone to carry rocks and/or sticks and/or mini Totoro's for improved balance and circulation.

After we got home, and naps were had, I whipped up one of the kid's favorite smoothies.

2 bananas
1 cup of Fairlife milk
A handful of ice
1/4 cup of peanut butter (or a large scoop)
2 tbsp of cocoa powder
1/2 cup of vanilla greek yogurt (I like the kind with the extra protein)

I truly love using Fairlife, knowing that it's lactose free, and has 50% more protein (13g!), and 50% less sugar than regular milk, and also just because it's stinking delicious. Because IT IS.
Here's Isla with her post nap cheeks looking longingly into the face of her smoothie.
And Everett and his still beloved Wink, enjoying theirs.
 OCTOBER YOU ARE THE BOMB DIGGITY. But you already know this.

This post has been in partnership with Fairlife, a company that we use and love in our home daily.

the best advice

Wednesday, October 12

 (Photos of these two goobs having a blast together on their scooter the other day. Their BFF-ness kills me)

It was about this time, three years ago, that we started trying to get pregnant with Isla. Everett was around two years old and I, as a surprise to myself, was baby hungry like crazy. I found out I was pregnant on Christmas Day, and the following August, she arrived. I felt like their age spacing was SO PERFECT. I solidly stand by 2 years and 10 months as a perfectly ideal length of time to space one's children out and I would recommend it to anyone. Since we all know planning pregnancy down to the month is so controllable ...

Yet here we are again. My youngest is at that two year mark and because I've always known that we would have more than two, the timing of our third child has weighed heavily on my mind. We should. We should start trying. My problem has been that when I contemplate the newborn phase, I think, I JUST DID THAT. I just had a baby, I'm pretty sure yesterday. And the memory of my pants not fitting, is somehow more vivid than the first time around? And I'm also just not baby hungry. And maybe that's the whole thing right there. Isla's baby-hood still feels so completely present. Much more so than Everett's was. He was sleeping through the night, in his own bed at nine-months-old, whereas Isla co-sleeps with us and still adores nursing. I love that this part of her hasn't grown up yet. That I can watch her expand in personality and ability and intelligence, and somehow still keep her infant-like sense of newness around for myself. The lack of hair helps.

A few weeks ago, after giving myself a solid pep talk and a lecture on timing, I decided that I would get off birth control. I plopped myself on the bathroom counter while Tyson was in the shower and said, so what do you think? Should we? Now? Maybe? Yes?
If all of this was up to him, the man would've had another baby months ago, so my tentative suggestion was met with enthusiasm, and I thought, ok! Let's do it.

Then I called my mom on her birthday and told her that we were thinking about trying for another, because that's what mom's do on their birthdays: listen to you talk about yourself. I heard myself say baby and then add a million "buts" onto the end of my sentence.

But I'm not ready to share my body. But Isla's still nursing, and we're not totally done yet. But this means I'll have to get Isla out of our bed. But then I'll have to go back to not sleeping. But OMG three kids. Everyone says three is the hardest number to hurdle. But life is so nice now that Isla's starting to really embrace some independence.

And in the same train of thought say,

But Everett will be 6 by then so it won't be that crazy. And Isla is obsessed with babies, is generous with sharing me, and would handle the change like a champ. And I should just get the child bearing days over with so they can all grow up close. And this age gap! This age gap was perfect! They're best friends, and don't I want to give that gift to the next child? And also, what if it takes longer than we think it will to get pregnant.

(Yes, it does take me an hour to fall asleep at night)

And then my mom, having listened to my buts, and being the wise sage that she is, gave me the best piece of advice that I never would've given myself. She said, "Don't should on yourself."

Don't should on yourself!

And also it's ok to give it a year. Because what's a year, really, in the scheme of things. It's nothing. A year is nothing. To get rid of the shoulds and replace them with the I wants and the I'm readys.

It may sound so terribly obvious but it was like a blazing light bulb went off in my head. Taking away my self-imposed timeline, gave me instant grace to allow a baby to come to us, but through my heart first. If that meant a month from now, six months from now, a whole dang year from now, it wouldn't matter. I could start trying to get pregnant whenever I felt ready and it all would be completely

Until then, it's just me and my two little buddies up there, both of whom I am so thoroughly enjoying at the moment. Two and almost five - most stinking delightful ages in the world.

the perfect pair

Tuesday, October 11

Boots: Børn Poly Boot, Socks: Target (old), Dress: H&M (old), Belt: ASOS (sold out), Hat: F21(old)

At some point in my life, I transferred my fall shoe selection to mostly ankle boots. I don't know why this happened. Probably Pinterest told me to. But there came a moment, almost right after my most recent ankle boot acquisition, when I had look myself in the eye and say, "enough is enough. Also those ankle boots look real dumb with that dress." So the process of adding knee-high's back into the equation meant finding a pair that was PERFECT. One that could go equally well with a dress or with jeans, not look "country" but also not too dressy, be super comfortable and also well made so they last longer than one round of an Idaho winter. Enter these babies. With their weathered suede, and warm tobacco color and hand-stitched construction. HELLO SWEET FRIEND. These might just outlive my old boots with the red zipper up the back (remember those??) There's a lot to be thankful for this season, and these are campaigning for a Top 20 spot.

 The Børn boots I'm wearing here are available at select Nordstrom retailers and at, so be sure grab yourself a pair!


Monday, October 10

 Shoes: Free People (old), Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Tee: F21 (old), Sweater: ASOS, Choker: ASOS, Sunglasses: Old Navy (in store)

I know I was saying it was too hot for sweaters in my last outfit post, but in true october form, it is now officially in the 60's so. Pass the soup! Also it should be noted that on this day of our lord monday october the tenth, I bought our very first carton of eggnog. I actually bought two but one is hiding behind the V8's in the back of the fridge. I know what I'm doing.

freaks in freak alley

Monday, October 3

A few weeks ago, all my siblings came up for my brother Ethan's 17th birthday. It was a super quick trip, so with the 24 hours we had, we filled it full with tacos, cake and presents, Everett's soccer game, haircuts, lunch, shopping, and then downtown to Freak Alley to take Ethan's senior pictures. Because he's a SENIOR. I'm a decade older than this kid so this has got to mean I'm due for my first gray hair any day now. Anyway, we took lots of stupid pictures and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Please enjoy them and also Ethan's modeling skillz. 

 Isla came with us for the evening, so she saw Ethan and obviously needed to give this pose a shot herself.

 All the handsome and cool. 

Chelsey's husband Stacy, also obliged us with his photography talent for the evening.
Our first pose was mafia in an alleyway. An obvious choice. 

 A man witch on his maiden voyage.

 And jumping. Always jumping. 

 We nailed every shot. 

 Including this one.

 And this one.

 There we go. 

 We also decided to test Caytlyn's squat capacity, which turned out to be over 200 lbs, no big deal.
Put that in your pipe and smoke it, cross fit!

Full beast mode.

 These cute newlywed's redefining #couplegoals

So sweet.

 Props to anyone who's ever taken a successful crosswalk picture, they are harder than they look.

Love these guys. Happy birthday again, E!
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