certainly not the last post you'll read about a pumpkin patch

Monday, October 5

Today, we woke up to crisp air and an Everett who slept the whole night in his own bed. The perfect morning. At 7:30, Everett came into our still darkened bedroom, and Isla heard him first, popping her head up and waving to him, "Ha-ah!" A solid hi. I went downstairs with the kids, turned on the Today show, and made myself and Everett some hot chocolate while Tyson got dressed. He came bounding down the stairs a few minutes later, scooped Isla up and asked her if she'd like to go on a walk. Tyson bundled in her snuggliest bear suit while I pushed Everett's arms through his coat, reminding him of the sleeve-grab trick, which I'm certain has been passed down from generation to generation, preserving us all from the dreaded bunchy sleeve under your coat debacle.  From the kitchen window, I watched their knit-covered heads bobble in the back of the red wagon, as they rounded the corner out of sight. And now here we are. Me with a solid 30 minutes to retrieve the photos being hoarded on my phone and put them somewhere at least slightly more respectable.

And so. Our weekend evening at the pumpkin patch...
 Correction, our weekend evening at the LARGEST pumpkin patch I've ever seen in my life ...
This was only the third field. 
 Asking Everett to pick a pumpkin is like asking a perfectionist to pick a favorite item, when all he has to choose from are things that are dirty and scuffed. Terrible analogy. Never mind. 
 After much deliberation we finally settled on a beautiful, white, round one just big enough for his arms. He literally bounced up and down with joy when we broke the wipes out and cleaned the dirt off his perfect pick.
 This here is a red pumpkin. Don't you hate it when your favorite filter ruins everything?
 And what IS it about babies on pumpkins? Why do we do this to them?
 Today we'll go with, don't know, don't care.
Because LOOK.
 Two little heads bobbing through a hay maze.
I suppose it's appropriate that Everett was born the day before Halloween, because the man loves him some Halloween paraphernalia. When he jumped behind the mummy for a picture, I was like, "Kay smile!" and he was like, "Nooo! I'm being scary!" 
Duh mom.
 Everett was initially thrilled with his first mechanical bull ride, but then got bored because the operator had the audacity to take it easy on a three-year-old.
This next piece of equipment was Everett's idea, because of course it was. What is so interesting about this little boy is that even with the general carefulness that he goes about his life with, he loves thrill rides. Roller coasters, as big as he can get them, all day long. And apparently medieval looking contraptions that hang you upside down too.

Plaid!! Playing by the rules and breaking them

Sunday, September 27

So! The funnest post today. Talking about plaid. I love plaid. You love plaid. Everybody can wear plaid, and practically no one regrets it. (I can't speak for my kindergarten teacher.) In fact, just a few months ago, I saw a large family traipsing through an amusement park, ALL wearing matching plaid shirts. And I was picking up, what they were throwing down, you know what I'm saying? Why get the JONES FAMILY REUNION 2015 shirts, when you can wear matching plaid instead?? It was a beautiful moment of clarity and inspiration for everyone in the park that day.
There's a spectrum, if you will, of ways to approach the plaid wearing. Understated and safe, with maybe a simple sweater or scarf. Or just balls-to-the-wall, plaid style. Perhaps a bold dress, multiple layers of plaid, plaid socks, etc, etc. 
With the help of my forever favorite Target Style, I wanted to explore both of those ideas for a minute. Just to get us really in the spirit of things. Plaid season ahoy! First up ...

--Playing by the plaid rules with monochrome layering --

Wearing: grey plaid scarf, sleeveless plaid duster, A+ kellen pumps

If you want to experiment with layering plaids, but prefer to stay on the safer side, going with a monochrome theme for your whole outfit is probably the easiest way to create a more understated look. I mean, plaid in this scenario is practically a neutral! 
Next up ...
--Breaking the plaid rules with pattern mixing--

That's right. Three prints in one outfit. Plaid, on plaid, on geo print. Geo print + plaid is basically the peanut butter and jelly of pattern mixing, and is the easiest way to amp up your game without totally looking like you're a walking kaleidoscope. Now listen. I know this look may seem like it had a little Christmas cheer for breakfast, but I here's my vision! You and your significant others at the pumpkin patch/corn maze with pumpkin spice something-or-other in hand? Can you see it? Bueller? 
Well the jingle bells vibe works great too. It's a multi-tasking outfit.

October is right around the corner (!!!) and plaid is in the air. Remember the plaid. Honor the plaid. BE ONE WITH THE PLAID. Target Style has your back.
This post is brought to you by Target Style. Shop the new Apparel & Accessories collection in stores and online.

the one

Thursday, September 24

Shoes: Target, Jeans: F21, Turtleneck: F21

You guys DO NOT UNDERSTAND how happy I was to find this black turtleneck. I mean "collector of black turtlenecks" has been a part of my social media profiles for what, 5 years now? Let us pretend for one moment that social media profiles are truly significant, and that this, THIS IS WHO I AM. This is it. This is my essence. This is my legacy. This is my own personal Shangri-La in clothing form. This is the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow. This is the one thing that I would wear every single day for the rest of my life, forever and ever, amen.

Am I taking this black turtleneck too seriously?
More like, am I taking it seriously enough?


Wednesday, September 23

 Shoes: H&M, Jeans: H&M, Tee: Target, Sweater: F21, Watch: Arvo, Sunglasses: Target

This overstated seasonal greeting brought to you by me, your friendly neighborhood blogger, and this sweater. Just doing our job folks.

the final countdown

Monday, September 21

Us in the last of the summer. 

Sitting here with a bowl of freshly canned peaches that I had absolutely nothing to do with, except for the fact that I'm eating them, I feel the need to document this moment of greatness. No, not this moment with the peaches, although they are supreme, but indeed, the moment of greatness that is *dot dot dot* nearing the end of the great/terrible year of the threes and reaping the rewards thereof.  In fact, we are only one month out from the fours. And there is a light people. There is a light and I'm walking toward it.
My reward? Mainly? Is that Everett has quite suddenly and sweetly transformed into a walking fountain of I love you's. It's, "I love you mama" when we're holding hands on a Sunday afternoon walk. And, "I love you mama" when we're about to sit down for dinner. And, "I love you mama" when we're in the middle of watching a movie. In addition! Not only do I get a "I love you mama", but I get a, "you're my best friend" too, when it's the middle of the night and he wants to sleep in my bed, because he's a master of the system and knows exactly what he's doing.
I don't know exactly what this means, in terms of projected outcome for the year of the fours. BUT I HAVE HEARD GOOD THINGS. AND I AM CROSSING MY FINGERS. And if this is a sign of what's to come. Man you guys, I am seriously so excited.

Cheers to the last month of three, with its bitter (because he's getting so big) but mostly sweet (because he's getting SO BIG).

I love you Evs.

how to wear a shirt dress and not look exactly like your mother in the '90s

Friday, September 18

IMG_6808 http://9nl.es/qgkx
I am one hundred and ten percent sure my mom had this exact style of dress when I was about 10 years old. Hers was more of a maroon, tan, and sage green plaid mixture though, which was even BETTER than this one, as I'm sure you can imagine. Trying this on in the store, I was looking in the mirror like, "hey this is cute. I'm totally my mom right now ... but you know what ... if the boot fits." And then I stepped out to show Tyson and he was like, that is not cute. So here we have exhibit B. An attempt at an updated version of the '90s shirt dress so beloved by generations past and now present. Give me black jeans, a white tee and some classic boots and I will give you ten thousand outfit combinations.
Speaking of classic boots, my shoe collection is really starting to gear up for fall. (I know some of you are still roasting, but here in Idaho, fall started like, last week.)  I recently discovered the brand Børn, which is probably about to turn into a new favorite for finding shoes all year round. Børn is known for their boot collection; here you can see a more edited version of their favorite fall boots (the Gillian and the grey Borda boots! You guys!) On my feet today are the Pirlo boots, and they are the coooooomfiest. They're made from the finest quality stuff. I mean the kind of leather that ages as beautifully as your Aunt Lucille. Last year I discovered that my closet was stepping further away from the knee-high boot, and embracing the ankle, and this year is no different. I can tell you right now these babies are probably coming everywhere with me.

This post has been sponsored by Børn shoes. Thank you for being so lovely and supporting the brands that I love and that keep this blog rolling.

thought of the day

Wednesday, September 16

Shoes: H&M, Jeans: F21, Tee: Target (old), Plaid: F21, Hat: F21

 Sometimes I look over at my husband when he's like, soooooooo happy and pleasant and sunshine-y first thing in the morning cause he just woke up from the best nights sleep ever, and I sort of want to kill him. I think to myself, WHY AM I THE FAVORITE? Why am I the one the kids love to leave their beds for? Why am I the one they wake up to get their drinks at night? Why am I the one they flop on, and roll over? Why do they fall back asleep directly on top of MY head. 
I mean, their dad's head is RIGHT. THERE.

But then again.

I am the favorite. 

And because I'm the favorite, I'm the one who's woken up by Isla. So I'm the one who gets to witness Isla roll over and play with her brother's still-sleeping face. And in turn, watch that brother roll over and put his arms around his sister, and with his eyes still closed, groggily muster out a, "I love you too Isla."

The job has its perks.
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